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Saelon's Studio...

I work with photographic media in a variety of ways and I've put samples of my work into various different categories for you. If you have been to my studio before you will find I now have a lot more work up, but I've also kept the previous shows available. I LOVE hearing from viewers! Please send your comments or questions to [email protected], and please contact me if you wish to purchase prints or to use my images in any commercial way. Enjoy!

Blue Ribbon Campaign... As much of my work involves photographing the human form in its many shapes and moods, I am particularly concerned with recent government efforts to censor images on the internet. It would make me both sad and angry if I had to take down my nudes. Please try to help keep the internet free of government censorship, support the Blue Ribbon Campaign.

Hand-Colored Photographs...



Black and White Photographs...


Digitally Manipulated Photographs...


About the Artist: an Artist's Statement.

Favorite Places to visit on the net:

Mythago is a fine-art gallery of many delightful photographic images by a number of different artists.

Philip Greenspun has some of the best web pages I've seen anywhere. Superb nature, travel and documentary photographs blended with a real talent for words and design. He also publishes, an on-line photo magazine.

Another great site is The First Festival on Independent Audio/Visual Arts Online. Here you will find numerous galleries with art of all varieties, and competitions as well.

Photostop (SM) is a web site dedicated to the photography enthusiast. It includes contests, "Pros on the Net" and links to many fine exhibitions.

Peter Balazsy has some fine polaroid transfer images (some landscapes, lots of figures) up on his pages, very nice work.

Ron Gardner's Light Gallery is exhibiting his hand-colored black and white still-life photographs. The compositions are quiet and simple, the colors vibrant.

Special thanks to Art on the Net (and webmaster Lile Elam) for providing space and invaluable assistance, support and inspiration. Be sure to visit my Colleagues' Studios

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