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Hot off the wire
Your daily dose of women in the news
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Women: political force to be reckoned with?
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Fashion Notebook
The stylish circus of the NYC spring collections
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Sifting through beauty hype and hoopla,
an ongoing debate for real
women with real bodies
This week: Women who smile too much

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Getting there
Cool careers: therapists, detectives, chefs, tv writers, environmentalists, webmasters, firefighters, stylists, multimedia producers
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Women's Wire profile
Maya Lin, monumental artist
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Celeb Profile
An exclusive interview with Queen Latifah
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Hello Georgeous
Visit an outrageous, campy museum
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What every (dating) man needs to know
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Our token male. Ask him about guys
Every witch way
Witches are coming out of the broom closet
and our reporter caught it on video
Soap dish

  • The Spot
    The tangled affairs of Hollywood housemates
  • East Village
    NYC hipsters in the last bastion of Bohemia
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Cover your assets
All about saving and investing
Savvy spender
Buying big-ticket items (like sofas) the smart way
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