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Our Mission is to provide leading-edge visual computing users with the most complete series of high-performance, low-cost virtual reality products and services in the industry.

Product Brief

Our products include CyberEye™ head-mounted displays for superior performance, comfort and safety, CyberTrack-II™ for low-latency 3DOF tracking, CyberStick™ for intuitive "tilt to go there" navigation, and the best-selling 5th Glove™ which provides advanced fiber optic finger bend sensors to create the ultimate "grab to manipulate" control interface.

For entertainment applications, the Orion Game System from Dynamic Visions is a state of the art, turnkey virtual reality arcade game system that breaks new ground in price and performance.

General Reality Company also offers full turnkey VR development services specializing in high-performance, real-time applications.

Check out our What's New page for new Motion Capture and Gesture Recognition software for the 5th Glove as well as our low-cost stereoscopic TrueView workstation.

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