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General Information

This is the new and radical ICEN Home Page. New features in this page include full-text (SGML) implementation of ICEN newsletters, enabling searches on the newsletter archive. Since it is still in the development process, you might get a few "NOT FOUND" errors. Please report all errors you encounter to the designer, so that they can be corrected. Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

The ICEN resources are maintained by the International Center at Indiana University, Bloomington.This network deals with various kinds of employment issues including job postings from international companies, and also from US-based companies. Some of the topics might be only of local (Indiana University, Bloomington specific) interest. Questions regarding the ICEN can be posed to Susan Salmon, Coordinator of the International Center, or to Arijit Sengupta, editor of ICEN and maintainer of this page.

About the Network

The International Center at Indiana University frequently receives career information and notices of job opportunities. The ICEN is an electronic posting of international career and employment information, resources, and opportunities for foreign nationals seeking employment at home or abroad, as well as U.S. citizens seeking employment abroad. The information is abstracted and sent to subscribers of the ICEN on the local Indiana Unviversity networks. The original information is then filed at the Leo R. Dowling International Center. This information is distributed FREE.

The ICEN-L Listserver

The ICEN resources are also distributed by e-mail using a listserv-based mailing list. You can subscribe to the listserv by completing the following information. If you subscribe, your name will be added to the list, and you will be notified of basic procedures for using the listserv by e-mail.

ICEN-L Subscription/unsubscription

To subscribe, please fill up the following information, and use the "Subscribe" button. If you want to unsubscribe, use the email address that you used to subscribe, and click on the "Signoff" button. Note that the subscription address has to match the address that you type in order to sign off successfully. If you need to change your subscription address, first unsubscribe using your old address, then subscribe using your new address.

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ICEN Library Resources

The International Career and Employment Library has also been established in Room 205 of the International Center, and contains books, articles, and other resources on international careers and employment. It also contains application materials for job listings, detailed descriptions, and other information distributed through ICEN.

Publications Library

Holdings include the series of books published by the AmCham groups in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Indonesia entitled "Graduate Opportunities"; books covering career development issues such as writing resumes, finding jobs, and related articles.

Workshop series

The LRDIC and the staff of the Office of International Services provide group sessions and workshops each semester and summer session. For detailed information, e-mail or call the International Center at (812)855-7133. Main workshops include:

Alumni Mentor Service (AMS)

Matches students with an alumnus in their home country or other location. Students and mentor are encouraged to communicate regularly to assess the application of learning in the US to the needs of the home country. Available at any time. Details are available at the AMS page. Ask for more details by contacting (the International Center).

Video Resources

ICEN Newsletter Archive

Recent issues of ICEN are maintained in sgml form for general browsing, and a restricted "quick and dirty" searching. These issues, originally in plain ascii, are presently in the process of being converted to SGML. In order to keep the ability for viewing these documents using a WWW browser, the DTD for these issues has been constructed by adding some special tags to a subset of HTML tags. Normally most browsers would ignore any tags that they do not recognize, so these special tags will not pose a viewing problem. However, if your viewer does look messed up, please use a general SGML viewer for viewing these documents. SoftQuad Panorama is such a viewer, which is freely downloadable, however, it requires Mosaic to be your primary Web browser.

Please use the full-text search facility to search for information in the newsletters for automated and more general searches.

Full-text search on ICEN Newsletters

ICEN Newsletters have recently been converted into SGML for the purpose of full-text indexing and retrieval. The automated search and posting facilities are still being development, so if you encounter a problem, please report it to us.

Go to the ICEN Search Interface.

Post on the ICEN Newsletter

If you have job information that you would like to be posted in the Newsletter, you can either do it directly from the browser, and/or you can send the relevant material to the International Center, either by e-mail or by snail-mail at:

Leo R. Dowling International Center
111 N. Jordan Ave,
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405 USA

Note that your job information will not be immediately posted, but will be held for approval. Once approved by one of the editors, your posting will go out as an electronic newsletter. If you would like to directly post your job listings into the database, Go to the ICEN Direct Post Interface.

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