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The 1st Eurofighter Air Wing. Home for EF2000 operations.

Flight Chat

Our Goal

Welcome to the 1 EAW, the official home for EF2000 operations. If you already own EF2000 you'll find the site loaded with information for both the new and experienced pilot. We've got training, FAQs, patches, and more. You'll also find an active group of EF pilots. Pilots of the 1 EAW are generally quick to offer advice and chat about our favorite sim. Don't miss visiting the site's forums.

If you don't own EF2000, take a tour through the base and see what you're missing. You'll find both product descriptions and purchase information.

Enjoy the site and EF2000.

--Base Command

Base Facilities

Go to the Briefing Room for EF2000 product information, screen shots and Eurofighter technical specifications.

Attend Ground School and learn more about the MFDs and HUD displays through interactive lessons. Also make sure to check out the reading list, FAQ, and interactive lessons.

Visit the Officers Club for announcements, access to the base directory, and links to other EF related sites. Make sure to register in the base directory.

Park in the Maintenance Hangar for technical support, technical support FAQ and access to the EF2000 FTP server. The FTP server is loaded with the latest EF patches as well as other downloadable goodies.

Share war stories, tips, and join in some lively discussion in the Pilots Forum.

What's New


What else would you like to see? If you have any ideas, please post a message in the Pilots Forum or send us a message at [email protected].

Computer Gaming World's Simulation of the Year

Game Tool Technologies G1 award winner.

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Thanks to Eric Joiner Jr. for support in creation of this site. His pioneering website, the Virtual Fighter Command, served as an inspiration to this site.

Thanks to Steve Gonwa for conceptual design of the Air Wing insignia.

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