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K. Aufhauser & Co.
Dow Jones
11/29/96 15:09 CST
+22.36 at 6521.70
S & P
11/29/96 13:01 CST
+2.02 at 757.02
11/29/96 12:46 CST
+5.29 at 1292.61

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K. Aufhauser & Co., a discount brokerage dedicated to savvy, experienced investors -- featuring diversity of instruments, commitment to international clients, institutional quality research, and account protection.
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K. Aufhauser & Co., providing seasoned and international investors with the service and price they deserve -- since 1982.

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K. Aufhauser & Company Inc., 53 Wall Street, Fifth Floor, New York NY 10005
Phone: 800-368-3668 Fax: 800-870-9671
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