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Welcome to Pontiac Excitement on the Web.
Yes, this is it. The Official Web Site of the Pontiac Division of General Motors. And yes, you're right.
The door to the New 1997 Grand Prix Design Staff Planning Room is still ajar. This is usually a highly guarded entrance, but last month some alert Web surfers took a private tour. Instead of trying to keep a lid on the excitement, the Design Staff has taken another break and left their work in progress for Pontiac enthusiasts to examine. This is a private viewing. No pictures, please.

Cyber Showroom (updated 9/18/96)
Find everything you ever wanted to know about Pontiac Driving Excitement! Get information about the current models, check out some history and find the dealer closest to you.
Excitement Highlights (updated 9/27/96)
Why stop with driving excitement? Get up to speed with some of the other exciting things Pontiac is into. Pontiac Motorsports information! A visit to the ESPN X Games Road Show. And a schedule of upcoming Auto Shows, so you'll know when the 1997 Pontiacs will be visiting a city near you.
Suggestion Box
Got an idea we should know about? Feedback on your favorite Pontiac? Drop us a line.
Backseat Drivers (updated 5/6/96)
Take a cross-country adventure in a Pontiac. Along the way meet some friends, follow their stories and tell us what you think. You can ride with Jenna, Arnie, or James & Becky. But hurry. Even backseat drivers want to sit in front.

Catalog and Information Order more Pontiac information and get fun stuff in the mail. If you're gonna surf,
use the best board.
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