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Conexport V.I.P. (Consortium for the export of prestigious Italian wines) was established in 1987 to promote internationally a line of high quality Italian wines produced by selected estates from the most notable regions of Italy.
Conexport V.I.P. brings to The Italian Internet Winery eleven wineries and more than thirty different varietals:
Banear | Bonci | Cantina della Porta Rossa | Castello di Bossi | Gaierhof | Borgo Pretale | Signano | Tinazzi | Uccellina | Vescovado di Murlo | Villa Carra
Conexport V.I.P. offers directly from Verona the Conexport V.I.P. "Special Selection": your selection of best wines will be packed by Conexport and shipped to you within 48 hours.
Conexport V.I.P. Selection for United Kingdom is a selection of wines that are handled and shipped directly from U.K.

Are you planning for a trip to Italy? Would you like to visit great wineries and cellars in the Country?
Movimento del Turismo del Vino, a non-profit association, provides a fully-searchable database where you will find detailed description and contact information on over 300 member wineries located in the most beautiful places in Italy.

Azienda Ferdinando Giordano, the first and the most important italian company selling with mail orders wine, offers you precious products from the land and traditions of the Piedmont area and of the Italian country.

Azienda Agricola Capannelle offers a worldwide novelty in the field of wine: "Capannelle 2000", an extraordinary quality wine, into an extraordinary bottle, to welcome the beginning of the third millenium.

Obiettivo Vino, is a very special photographic competition that started on May 12 with the "Open cellars 1996" event.

Are you looking for news and press clippings about Italian wines?
Visit What's New and Press Clippings pages at The Italian Internet Winery.

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