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Cardiff 18 May - 21 July 1996

Welcome to the British Art Show 4 site.

Every five years, National Touring Exhibitions from the Hayward Gallery, London launches this prestigious event highlighting the most exciting new art being produced in this country.

The British Art Show 4 is currently spread across six of Cardiff's art venues. Take a trip around the Galleries, all admission free, to see around 100 works by 26 contemporary artists. Damien Hirst's butterfly paintings will be amongst the work shown, along with works by other artists including Douglas Gordon, Georgina Starr and Mark Wallinger make up the most ambitious showing of work in a variety of media from painting and sculpture to video, sound-based work and film projection.
The British Art Show 4 offers an unprecedented chance to catch up with some of the most innovative and challenging art currently being produced. The show started in Manchester in November 1995, then moved to Edinburgh in February 1996, and is now in Cardiff from 18 May until 21 July 1996, when the exhibition will end.

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