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Welcome to Santa's Workshop


elcome to my workshop! Mrs. Claus and I are so happy that you could take a couple of minutes out of your busy schedules to stop by for a visit. If you have a second, maybe you could share a glass of Ice-cold Milk and some freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies. Or maybe you'd prefer a fresh scone and a cup of Hot Cocoa. Mmmmmmm I can smell the scones in the oven and the cocoa simmering on the stove right now.

Oh Oh.... Mrs. Claus is giving me that, "You've had enough for one day, and I don't want you spoiling your appetite for Supper." look. I guess I should pass, but I'm sure that you'll enjoy them. Please, have some, Mrs. Claus is renowned for her scones and her cookies are simply wonderful.

Mrs. Claus and I want the whole world to know how much we love you all, and we hope that as every day brings us closer to the Holiest day of the year, you will find room for the Magic of Christmas in your heart. Also, we want to express our thanks to the thousands of friends that dropped by for a visit last year. It went far beyond what we expected. You can count on it that we're looking forward to even more visitors this year, and that we'll have many more wonderful things related to Christmas to share with you.

Say, have you sent your letter off to me yet? Christmas is just around the corner you know, and it's never too early to get that request in. The Elves and I are working around the clock to make sure we have all the presents made in time for them to be delivered on Christmas Eve. Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, you can now send your letters via E-mail. This has two advantages; one, your letter gets to me almost instantly and second, it saves time and money by not placing a burden on the postal services of the world. So think about what you would like to get this year and drop me a note. You should keep in mind though that the longer you wait to send your letter, the harder it is to fill your request. All you have to do to send me a letter is click on the text below that says "Send Santa A Christmas Letter"

I personally read ever letter I receive. And you can imagine how much time that takes during the last few days before Christmas. Also, before Nov 15th, I will personally answer every letter I get. After the 15th of November though, it gets very difficult to answer any of the letters that arrive, as there are so many arriving by both e-mail and regular mail. And I am after all, only human.

Make sure you tell me all about yourself in your letter. You should include your full name, since there are a lot of children in the world and many of you have the same name; you should also tell me where you're writing from for the same reason. Mrs. Claus and I love to hear about the wonderful things going on in your lives and how you are preparing for Christmas. Further, please share with us any special plans that you and your family are making for the Holidays. And most of all, don't forget to tell me how good you've been this year.

But a gentle reminder here, I keep a list, and I check it TWICE. And I know which little girls and boys have been naughty or nice. So do your best to be as good as you possibly can for the rest of the year, and I will see you, although you won't see me, Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas and God Bless

Santa & Mrs. Claus.

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Mrs. Claus and I would love to read some of your favorite Christmas memories or see some of the wonderful sights that you cherish from Christmas. If you care to share one with us, please send it to [email protected].

We recently decided that we would like to keep a guestbook. People visit us from all over the world. And we love knowing which of our friends are stopping by. So even if you don't send your letter today, won't you please sign Our Guestbook.

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This site generated over 250,000 hits during the month of December '95. Thanks for stopping by.

As of Aug 1, 1996 this site has been accessed by friends. Mrs. Claus and I thank you so very much for the visit.

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