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Bengal Tiger

Length: up to 10 feet
Weight: 400 to 575 pounds
Number of young:1 to 5
Home: India and Southeast Asia

The Bengal tiger lives in Southern Asia. It was hunted, captured,and poisoned to such an extent that is practically disappeared, except in natural preserves and national parks. It is now strictly protected. Some males occupy a territory of 200 square miles. When there is enough food, the tiger lives in a much smaller territorty. It lives in the forest, the grassland, or the swamps.

The tiger attacks a variety of prey, mainly deer, antelopes, pigs and buffalo. Once in awhile, it will attack cattle and even humans. There are many stories about the evils done by "man-eating" tigers. They're usually old tigers that are sick or wounded, and cannot hunt normally. The destruction of their usual prey may also cause them to attack humans. As soon as the tiger spots prey, it begins a slow and silent approach. When it is near it's prey, it charges. It may jump onto the prey's back or pin it down with it's powerful claws. It usually kills the prey by biting it's throat or neck. It's strength is amazing: it can drag a prey weighing several hundred pounds as much as 1,500 feet to hide the dead animal in bushes or tall grass.

The tiger lives in several lairs. In one of them the female brings her cubs into the world. From the time they are 8 weeks old, they join their mother on the hunt. At 6 months, they have learned how to kill. They can feed themselves when they are 16 months old.

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