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Kings' Richmond wins
Fleer Shootaround

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AT&T Legends Shootout

A missed shot is still
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Three-pointer misses the mark

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February 9, 1997

All-Star MVP Glen Rice had the hot hand in the third period with 20 points, breaking Hal Greer's 29-year-old record for most points in a quarter.

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Rice, Jordan Lead East!
MVP Glen Rice set All-Star Game records with 20 points in the third quarter and 24 in the second half in the East's 132-120 defeat of the West. Rice's teammate Michael Jordan posted the first-ever triple-double in All-Star history -- 14 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists.
All-Star Game box score
All-Star Game photo gallery and theater

Jordan to Rice:
"Keep Shooting"

In a post-game interview, Glen Rice told reporters that Michael Jordan advised him to "Keep stroking. I'm going to get you the ball. All the guys are going to be looking for you."
West All-Star post-game quotes

Rudy T Predicted
Game's Pace

West All-Star Coach Rudy Tomjanovich of the Houston Rockets predicted an up-tempo, high-scoring game in a live pre-game chat on Sunday.

The Winners:
Iverson, Kerr and Bryant

MVP Allen Iverson's 19 points and nine assists led the East to a 96-91 victory over the West in this year's Schick Rookie Game.
Bulls sharpshooter Steve Kerr won the AT&T Shootout, topping last year's winner Tim Legler with a 22-point final round.
Lakers rookie Kobe Bryant came out on top with a between-the-legs jam in the Nestlé Crunch Slam Dunk competition.

All-Star Answers, Part 3
Fans on e-mailed questions for the All-Stars. We've got the third and final set of answers, from Penny Hardaway, Hill, Jordan, Kemp, Mutombo, Olajuwon, Pippen and Stockton.
All-Star Answers: Part 1 | Part 2

Big O, Mailman Chat Live
Oscar Robertson, one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History, said he could guard anybody -- including Michael Jordan -- in his prime in a live chat Saturday.
Western Conference All-Star Karl Malone said he planned to play another four or five years in a live chat.

Camby's All-Star Corner
Marcus Camby's having a ball at his first All-Star Weekend in this special edition of Camby's Corner .

NBA's Shots Heard
Around the World

This article from The Plain Dealer talks about the growing corps of foreign correspondents covering the All-Stars.

Greats Answer E-mail
Four of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History -- Barry, Frazier, Malone and Worthy -- have the answers to your questions.
Red Auerbach on the 50 Greatest.
All-Star Game Theater: Video and photos featuring legends galore.

NBA Makes the World Go 'Round
With millions of people worldwide sharing their love of basketball during All-Star Weekend, the game has no barriers, as this article from The Plain Dealer illustrates.

All-Star Stuff in Stock
If you can't make it to Cleveland, you can still get all of the great 1997 All-Star stuff you need from the store, including Special Edition All-Star Replica Jerseys and the leather "Money Ball" used in the in AT&T Shootout.

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