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<p><i>If you are seeing this version of the page, your browser is not frames capable. If you wish to see frames you can download either Internet Explorer or Netscape. </i></p> <h1 align=center>The Kenneth Branagh Page</h1> <p> <br><img src="ken.gif" border=0 height=216 width=324 align=bottom><ALT=A headshot of Kenneth Branagh in black and white>I have a copy of this photograph hanging in a prominent place in my bedroom. However, mine is autographed. Just imagine his signature with the words &quot;Best Wishes, Kenneth Branagh&quot; at the bottom.</p> <p> I've been a big fan of Kenneth Branagh since I saw him on stage in A Midsummer Night's Dream in 1990. This site will attempt to bring together as much information as I can find on his career.</p> <p> <img src="tiedye.gif" border=0 height=5 width=685 align=bottom></p> <p><a href="">Ellen Armstrong</a> puts out a Kenneth Branagh <a href="">FAQ</a> which is very complete, and was helpful to my research into this page. <br>There is now a<a href=" "> hypertext </a>version of Ellen's FAQ, it is by D.C. Lehmkuhl (Chris).</p> <p> <a href="">Ken</a>, along with Vanessa Redgrave received the Boston Film Excellence Award at the <a href="">Boston Film Festival</a> last year. <i><a href="">In The Bleak Midwinter</a></i> was also shown at the festival.</p> <p> Ken <a href="">admits</a> he was once a looter!</p> <p> <img src="tiedye.gif" border=0 height=5 width=685 align=bottom></p> <h2 align=center>Films</h2> <center><p><img src="project.gif" border=0 height=32 width=32 align=bottom></p></center> <p><img src="star.gif" border=0 height=18 width=20 align=bottom><b>Henry V</b> (1989) <br>Stars Ken as Henry V. Also in the cast, Emma Thompson, Derek Jacobi, Richard Briers, Paul Scofield, Judy Dench and Michael Maloney.</p> <p> <a href="">Pictures</a> from Henry V.</p> <p> The hypertext version of<a href=""> King Henry V</a> by William Shakespeare.</p> <p> <img src="star.gif" border=0 height=18 width=20 align=bottom><b>Dead Again</b> (1991) <br>Stars Ken and Emma Thompson. Also in the cast, Andy Garcia and Derek Jacobi.</p> <p> A review of <a href="">Dead Again</a></p> <p> <img src="star.gif" border=0 height=18 width=20 align=bottom><b>Peter's Friends</b> (1992) <br>Stars Ken, Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Rita Rudner, Imelda Staunton.</p> <p> A review of <a href="">Peter's Friends</a>.</p> <p> <img src="star.gif" border=0 height=18 width=20 align=bottom><b>Swan Song</b> (1993) <br>Ken directed this short film, with Sir John Gielgud and Richard Briers.</p> <p> <img src="star.gif" border=0 height=18 width=20 align=bottom><a href=""><b>Much Ado About Nothing</b> </a>(1993) <br>Stars Ken, Emma Thompson, Richard Briers, Kate Beckinsale.</p> <p> <a href="">Ken</a> on the Much Ado About Nothing set. <br>A <a href="">Much Ado About Nothing</a> movie poster. <br>Some <a href="">pictures</a> from the film.</p> <p> The hypertext version of <a href="">Much Ado About Nothing</a> by William Shakespeare.</p> <p> <img src="star.gif" border=0 height=18 width=20 align=bottom><b>Swing Kids</b> (1993) <br>Kenneth has an uncredited role as a Gestapo officer in this film.</p> <p> <img src="star.gif" border=0 height=18 width=20 align=bottom><b>Mary Shelley's Frankenstein</b> (1994) <br>Stars Ken, Robert DeNiro and Helena Bonham-Carter.</p> <p> A Mary Shelley's <a href="">Frankenstein</a> movie poster.</p> <p> An article about the <a href="">music</a> of Frankenstein.</p> <p> <a href="">Pictures</a> from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.</p> <p> A great <a href="">Frankenstein site</a>, includes links to pictures, reviews and the text of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. <br>Another great Frankenstein site is <a href="">Mary Shelley's Private Frankenstein Musical</a></p> <p> Sound clips from the film: <br>Victor: <a href="">We won't know unless we try. <br></a>Victor: <a href="">No one need ever die, I will stop this. <br></a>The Monster: <a href="">Did you never consider the consequences of your actions? <br></a>Elizabeth: <a href="">What happened to you?</a></p> <p> <img src="star.gif" border=0 height=18 width=20 align=bottom><b><a href="">Othello</a></b> (1995)</p> <p> Directed, and screenplay written, by Oliver Parker. Ken plays Iago, while Laurence Fishburne plays Othello. Ken's Iago is a treat in his maliciousness.</p> <p> Here is the shooting <a href="">script</a> of Othello.</p> <p> There is a CD-Rom based on Oliver Parker's Othello. You can preview it and order it at the <a href="">official Othello site</a></p> <p> The hypertext version of <a href="">Othello</a> by William Shakespeare.</p> <p> A <a href="">review</a> of the film. <br>Another <a href="">review</a>.</p> <p> A <a href="">synopsis</a> of Othello.</p> <p> An <a href="">article</a> about the film.</p> <p> <img src="star.gif" border=0 height=18 width=20 align=bottom><b>In the Bleak MidWinter</b> (1995) ( <a href="">A MidWinter's Tale</a>) <br>The film's name has been changed to A MidWinter's Tale for its US release. I prefer the original title. <br>Stars Michael Maloney, John Sessions, Richard Briers. Directed and written by Ken.</p> <p> An audio <a href="">review</a> of A MidWinter's Tale by Jeffrey Lyons. In <a href="">RealAudio</a> format.</p> <p> A MidWinter's Tale opened the <a href="">Sundance Film Festival</a> on January 18, 1996. This site has some quicktime clips and sound bites from the film. Look under &quot;this year's films&quot;.</p> <p> A <a href="">review</a> of In The Bleak MidWinter. <br>A <a href="">synopsis</a> and some stills from the film.</p> <p> <img src="star.gif" border=0 height=18 width=20 align=bottom><b>Looking for Richard</b>(1996) <br>Kenneth Branagh is one of the people interviewed in Al Pacino's docu-drama about Richard III. This film opens on Oct. 11, 1996.</p> <p> Here is a<a href=""> review</a> of Looking for Richard. <br>This is what the <a href="">Cannes</a> festival site says about the film, includes a picture of Pacino as Richard III.</p> <p> The hypertext version of <a href="">King Richard III</a></p> <p> <img src="star.gif" border=0 height=18 width=20 align=bottom><b><a href="">Hamlet</a></b> (1996)</p> <p> Ken stars in this version and also directed it. The film is due for release December 25, 1996. Among the co-stars are Kate Winslet, Julie Christie, Michael Maloney, Derek Jacobi and Robin Williams.</p> <p> The hypertext version of <a href="">Hamlet</a> by William Shakespeare.</p> <p> There is a slight blurb about Hamlet in Jeanne <a href="">Wolf</a>'s column. <br>You can also download a clip from the film in either <a href=" //">Quicktime</a> or<a href=""> AVI</a>.</p> <p> <img src="star.gif" border=0 height=18 width=20 align=bottom><b>Anne Frank Remembered</b> (1996) <br>Ken narrates this film about Anne Frank. The film won a best documentary Oscar at this years Academy Awards.</p> <p> <img src="tiedye.gif" border=0 height=5 width=685 align=bottom></p> <h2 align=center>Television</h2> <p><img src="star.gif" border=0 height=18 width=20 align=bottom><b><a href="">Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood</a></b> <br>Ken hosts this 6 part documentary about early European cinema. The documentary is being shown on the CBC beginning October 4, 1996. </p> <p> <hr>This site has a monthly listing of Kenneth Branagh <a href="">TV appearances <br></a>. <img src="tiedye.gif" border=0 height=5 width=685 align=bottom></p> <h2 align=center>Audio</h2> <p> <br>The BBC is selling Ken's<a href=""> Hamlet</a> on audio cassette. <img src="hamlet.gif" border=0 height=183 width=200 align=center><ALT=A picture of the video box></p> <p> <hr><a href="">Bitesite</a> offers Kenneth Branagh interviews in RealAudio format. <img src="tiedye.gif" border=0 height=5 width=685 align=bottom></p> <h2 align=center>Web sites, Usenet groups and zines...</h2> <p>There is a newsgroup dedicated to discussing Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson. It is called: <a href="news:alt.movies.branagh-thmpsn">alt.movies.branagh-thmpsn</a></p> <p> One site also dedicated to Ken and Emma Thompson has biographical information and photos. It is by <a href="">Tom Power</a>.</p> <p> A wonderful Ken and Emma Thompson site is by Susan Goetcheus. It's currently offline. You can find it at when it is back up.</p> <p> <a href="">Dark Daytime</a> is a fun 'zine dedicated to Ken and Emma Thompson. <img src="tiedye.gif" border=0 height=5 width=685 align=bottom></p> <h2 align=center>Related sites</h2> <p>Sir <a href="">Derek Jacobi </a>page. Dedicated to Ken's co-star in a few films, and great actor in his own right, soon to be seen as Claudius in Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet.</p> <p> <a href="">Patrick Doyle</a> page, dedicated to a wonderful composer and occasional actor in several of Ken's films.</p> <p> The Unofficial <a href="">Royal Shakespeare Company </a>Homepage. Find information on the current RSC season.</p> <p> <img src="tiedye.gif" border=0 height=5 width=685 align=bottom>If you want to let me know what you think of this page, e-mail me at: <a href=""></a> <br></p> <p>Or, you could sign my brand new <u><b><a href="">guestbook</u></a></b>, which is provided by <a href=""><img src="mowchuk2.gif" border=0 height=24 width=99></a></p> <center><p><a href=""><img src="vert3sta.gif" border=0 height=82 width=72 align=bottom></a><a href=""><img src="rib_bar_.gif" border=0 height=79 width=90 align=bottom></a><a href=""><img src="member-l.gif" border=0 height=75 width=150 align=bottom></a> <br><img src="tiedye.gif" border=0 height=5 width=685 align=bottom>This page has been accessed <b>2426</b> times since Jul 13/96. <br> <br>To <b><a href="">Billie's Bistro</a></b></p></center> <p> <img src="tiedye.gif" border=0 height=5 width=685 align=bottom></p>