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[Reclaiming the Erotic]
Come into a place - a garden of sorts - where erotic means something different from pornographic; where sex is about many things, the least of which is mechanics.

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[Tree of choices] Now, picture yourself in front of a tree with five big branches, each loaded with fruit, waiting for you to try. The best place to start will depend on your personal interests and preferred style of playing and learning. For the guided tour, just Follow Eve (at the bottom of every page). Take your time, enjoy the experience and remember: the Internet can be bedeviling at times. If your access is through AOL there may be special problems.If you have problems with any part of our site, we hope you will let us know. We want very much to help make your visit as enjoyable - and stress free - as possible.

[Erotic Profile] 1st Branch: Dare to Take a Look at Your Erotic Self
Consider what makes up that elusive thing we call the erotic and how we would measure it. Use our Erotic Profile Kit to strip down to your soul and look at your flesh from a new perspective. Have a personal erotic profile drawn from your answers to a surprising set of provocative questions.

[Hot movies]2nd Branch: Find Out What's Hot in Movies
See a list of all time hot moments in film. Find out what turns other people on, and why most people we surveyed say, "I'm probably different, but. . "
Cast your own vote and tell us what you think makes a moment hot.

[Tell us]3rd Branch: Whisper in Our Ear
Come on, tell us. What do youthink "sex," "erotica," "porn," and that loaded word, "f**k," really mean? Find out what others have said so far. And, of course we're dying to know . . . after you've tried it . . . was it good for you here?

[Privacy]4th Branch: Double Check Your Fig Leaf
We don't want to leave you exposed. See what steps we have taken to safeguard your right to privacy. Be assured that you decide how much - or how little - of yourself to reveal.

[Who and Why]5th Branch: Find Out Who's Tending This Garden.
Why would a child safety expert and human rights activist turn to developing erotic images? Why would an innovator in bringing emerging technologies to new audiences get involved in sex on the Internet?
Find out who we are and why we are so interested in turning over this so-called dirt.

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