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(Brian's working on the aesthetics mail: <[email protected]> is a Sun SPARCstation IPC running SunOS 4.1.4 owned by Brian L. Heess. For more information about BONG's life, pimpf's life and a brief history, see my home page.

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BONG, the Depeche Mode Mailing List
Information about what BONG is, how to join it, and how to post messages on it. Here is a link to a Web based SUBSCRIPTION FORM for BONG, BONG-DIGEST, FAITH (Alan Wilder/Recoil) and FAITH-DIGEST.
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Please look here for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Depeche Mode, before you post a question to the mailing list and risk offending someone's sensibilities.

Depechian Items

Cryptic Etchings

Last Updated: Remote link to Belgium...

Ever wonder what all of those cryptic messages were on your UK vinyl's? Now you can find out!!! Added 09 Aug 1996
Party Central

Last Updated: Wednesday, 14-Aug-96 01:33:25

We've (I) decided to TRY to keep track of parties that are going on and document them... Added 02 Aug 1996
CHAT (Java)

Last Updated: Monday, 12-Aug-96 16:14:53

Similar to IRC. Requires Java support. Chat on the web about Depeche Mode/BONG or Recoil/Alan Wilder. Added 22 July 1996
Software - DM Related

Last Updated: Friday, 19-Jul-96 19:50:17

Here are the beginnings of a very slick collection of Depeche Mode related software, fonts, Mac, PC, whatever... Added: 23 June 1996

Depeche Mode/BONG Search Engines

Last Updated: Wednesday, 22-May-96 18:23:38

Added 22 May 1996: Check this out! A new searching system. This will have Lyrics, Archives of the Mailing List, and all kinds of documents. Currently installed:

 <- NEW!

Here is a STARTING collection of some of the surveys which have been done on BONG. Thanks go to Brandon K. Snavely for the one which got Brian to create this section.
Mute Records on the Internet
Mute Records is on the Internet now. This page will tell you about what they're doing with the net, along with how to see the information they've got available.
There are several files that have been prepared that are discographies or are similar in spirit or content to a discography.
FTP sites

Last Updated: Friday, 07-Jun-96 14:40:52

Although this computer is the un-official Depeche Mode machine, and official BONG machine, there are some files available on other systems. This page has a list of all of the other systems that I know about, along with a link to this system's public FTP area.

Last Updated: Monday, 02-Sep-96 07:17:37

Here you will find links to other interesting sites, usually having SOMETHING to do with Depeche Mode. You may add links to this page if you would like...
Depeche Mode Fans
There are a lot of other people, all around the world, who like Depeche Mode. Some of them are on the internet, and some of them have WWW home pages. This page is a collection of links to all of these peoples' home pages and/or Depeche Mode pages.. If you are a Depeche Mode fan, have a home page, and aren't on here already, please let John know so he can add you to it!
I took the time and trouble to type up and/or correct, the lyrics to every Depeche Mode song that I have a copy of. This page is like a table of contents of all of my lyrics files.
Parodies Last Updated: Monday, 02-Sep-96 05:03:33
We have been culling the parodies of songs posted to the mailing list BONG and html-izing them... Here they are, ever growing, slowly! Let me know if there is one that should be on the list...
Rob Augino did an awesome job with this tape of covers of Depeche Mode songs, performed by people on the BONG mailing list. Check it out! Also, you can check out the local RealAudio MODEified.
Other Information
This page contains a list of other information that has to do with Depeche Mode but doesn't quite fit into any of the other categories. This includes Eric Oehler's fonts.

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