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"Driveways of the Rich & Famous gleefully and literally
takes the celebrity-lifestyle genre down to the asphalt."
Wall Street Journal 


See the grease spots
of your favorite stars
in these
celebrity driveways
past and present!

Andre Agassi
Dan Aykroyd
Ned Beatty
Marlon Brando
Lloyd Bridges
George Burns
Nicholas Cage
Jim Carrey
Lynda Carter
Geena Davis
Johnny Depp
Laura Dern
Danny DeVito
Joe DiMaggio

Kirk Douglas
Robert Duvall
Clint Eastwood
Anthony Edwards
Gloria Estefan
Peter Falk
Harrison Ford
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Jeff Goldblum
George Hamilton
Linda Hamilton
Goldie Hawn
Hugh Hefner
Pee-Wee Herman
Lauren Holly
Vanilla Ice
Julio Iglesias
Shirley Jones
Sally Kirkland
Amy Locane
Trini Lopez
Melrose Place
Burgess Meredith
Bette Midler
Paul Newman
Wayne Newton
Jack Nicholson
Nick Nolte
Kim Novak
Sean Penn
Brad Pitt
Elvis Presley
Debbie Reynolds
Julia Roberts

Linda Ronstadt
Siegfried & Roy
Martin Sheen
Frank Sinatra
Aaron Spelling
Sylvester Stallone
Danielle Steele

Barbra Streisand
Jimmy Stewart
Sharon Stone
Elizabeth Taylor
The Artist
Marlo Thomas
Donald Trump
Gianni Versace
The White House
Robin Williams






Meet the people who know stars best --
gardeners, mailmen, and next door neighbors!

New York

Woody Allen's Doorman, Regis Philbin's Maintenance Man, and Celebrity Deliverymen
"Mary Tyler Moore -- she's the cheapest one I've ever seen."


San Francisco

Robin Williams' Neighbor, his Gardener, and a Delivery Guy "They're just my neighbors like anybody else."

Linda Ronstadt's Mailman
[Pictured at right]

Nicholas Cage's Contractor and his Neighbor
"He was here a month ago. He's fine.
He's okay."


Gloria Estefan's Neighbor's Gardener, Gianni Versace's Street Sweeper, and Sylvester Stallone's Neighbor
What does Gloria Estefan look like in person? "Short," says the gardener.


Las Vegas

A Celebrity Wedding Chapel and Siegfried & Roy's Neighbor
"I always see them driving by."


Washington, D.C.

A White House Gardener, a Guard, a Tourist, and a Visitor
[Pictured at right, the President's gardener]

Congressman Bono's Office and Sonny Bono
"How are you doing? Nice to see you."


Beverly Hills

A Beverly Hills Trashman, a Mailman, Elizabeth Taylor's Poolman, and a Tour Guide
"We see a lot of people."

A Talking Rock at the Playboy Mansion
"I'm not in charge of security, I work security."

Halloween Night in Beverly Hills
Go trick-or-treating to the homes of Jack Nicholson, Raquel Welch, Barbra Streisand, Jimmy Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor, George Harrison, and Warren Beatty.



The Man Living in Steve Martin's Old House, A Quickie with Madonna's Exterminator, and Dan Aykroyd's Neighbor
[Pictured at right, Dan Aykroyd's Neighbor]


Robin Leach, Marlo Thomas, Lloyd Bridges, Scott Weinger, Trini Lopez, and Madonna
"My ... my driveway? What do you mean about my driveway?"

George Burns' (Former) Gardener's Tacos and Shelley Winters' Neighbor's Rum Cake
Now you can eat like the neighbor of a big star!

The driveways of Gena Rowlands, Lea Thompson, and Joey Lawrence (Whoa!) Plus, interviews in Palm Springs and a Driveways Quiz.

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