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Where is your insignia/patch/seal?

Naval Command Insignia Site This Insignia page co-authored by Lt. Bryan Lethcoe (Rice U NROTC) who does the page work and myself, who searches the web daily for more. We are in need of your naval insignia of any unit (shore/air/surface/subs). But it must be in file format. Do not send actual patches or decals, etc. A scanner is not available. Thanks. Gif animation done by Bill Johnson. See his page at

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Wall of Honor at SubBase, Groton. This picture is one reason this page exists. I think they would appreciate it and we need to help perpetuate their contributions and memory.

" I wish the United States government would break its reversing gear, so that it could only go ahead. It does go backwards many times." Appropriation speech in the US House of Representatives in 1904 concerning the fight to purchase 5 more of Simon Lakes submarines.

Thanks for stopping by my base. This page will indicate what I did for 8 years USS CATFISH SS-339 (61-62) and USS PATRICK HENRY SSBN-599 (63-68) back in the 60's. I am currently living and working in Sheridan, a beautiful little town of 15,000 in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming. On a map we are located on a bearing of 270 and range of 250 miles from the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore or on a bearing of 090 and range of 200 miles from Yellowstone Park.
IF YOU KNOW OF OTHER SUBMARINE SITES OR GRAPHICS, please fire the address to me at. Or if any of the links are duds, let me know which ones.
pings on my page this year. Thanks to all visitors!
This area >>> SUBMARINE BBS<<< is your area to leave messages, search for information or shipmates, seek reunion information, ask questions or whatever you want as long as it is submarine oriented and is not offensive to anyone/group. Sysop Ron Martini.

Afloat Report>>> 410135 (down 1920 in the past 2 weeks) active duty Navy. There are 40 (of 80)(I would like to know where the other 4 came from that weren't in this listing 2 weeks ago) SSNs or SSBNs at sea as of 10-15-96.

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Are you looking for additional submarine information? I can help. I have been collecting information on submarine books for 9 months. I have the only submarine bibliography on the Net. I will send you this listing of some 1400 submarine books listed by title, author, publisher, date, pages, ISBN# and other information for $5 minimum (going to $10 Jan 1!) or whatever you deem appropriate. Sound greedy? Read on. I will, upon receipt of your $5 minimum (check is ok) and an E-MAIL ADDRESS, send you the file in .zip format and a program (List) to view, scan, search the bibliography. This is tax deductible to you! I will send all $$$ received to CAUSS to use for the very worthwhile CAUSS/HED Foundation charity, which buys medical "cool-suits" for children in memory of lost submariners. For more information on HED click HED FOUNDATION . If you need additional information on CAUSS please visit SUBNET. What's in it for me? Just the knowledge that I may have helped a fellow submariner who is looking for information and also knowing that I have helped a very needy child. If you want the bibliography contact me by mail with your check made payable to HED Foundation c/o Ron Martini-1723 Desmet-Sheridan, Wy, 82801. (DON'T FORGET YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS) or send $7 if you want a disk instead). THANK-YOU and they will also.

Shipmate searching?

Ping on SubNet. The National Submariner Directory is a good source for locating shipmates provided they are listed. Please list yourself in the directory first so that others can find you in the future, then proceed with your search. There are some 27,000 names on file! The directory is continually looking for ships rosters, crew lists, and other names of submariners. After registering yourself here then ask about your shipmate.
Another possibility, if you know the persons name and area of the country, is to search through a great new on-line phone book Infospace Worldwide Directory.

Reunion Info Page is located at Ship Reunion Page.

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****ATTENTION**** The best submarine site on the Net is Pampanito!! Awesome! My Sub Pick/Super Surprise Link of the Year. Check it out and send them e-mail. This page is the ultimate, especially for the diesel guys!!!



Two years in the making! Great Start!


A valuable resource for research of WWII



The Best Ride in the Navy!

Want to get rid of the anchors that are weighing you down? Check this site!

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The following areas below have been corrected or changes/additions made to them week ending: 10-15-96
Surprise Links >>Added two new Surprise Links.
Contest >> Winner announced. New contest underway! No guesses in a week? Clue East Coast.
R&R >>Added 3 sites that have additional reviews of the move "Down Periscope", and another page that has sound clips from the movie.
Main Page >> Updated Navy status. Where did we gain 4 new boats in 2 weeks?
ComSubForeign >>Changed an address on the Swedish submarine text file page and also upgraded the English Navy Homepage address.
Logs >>Added a page called American Memories Archive. This is searchable (submarines for example) but grossly slow to display large files or graphics. Some neat stuff here that really goes back in history. It was where I got the quote above about the government going in reverse in regards a submarine appropriations bill some 90+ years ago.
Books >> Added several sites. A page that takes you to US Gov locations where you can obtain publications on Naval History, Nuclear Power, Naval Training and Veterans Affairs. Want to know how your Vitamin D count does while on patrol? It is here. Added another Page that sells Military and Naval History Books (new & used). Not submarine related but great history reading is a book on line with 10 chapters on the battle from WWII on Battle of Leyte Gulf.
Periscope >> Added a nice (if not a little mystical) picture of the SSN21.
Other fixes and patches >>The Submarine Bibliography mentioned above is now contains 1400+ titles! You can have it delivered to your e-mail box for $5. Price is going up 1-1-97 to $10
Scuttlebut >>Added some dates of boat decomms, etc. Also added some info on SSN22 and SSN23. Better than never is the sabotage to the San Juan last June.
Navy Football score update. We are 4-1. They were off 10-19. Army is 6-0 however. Navy plays Notre Dame on 11-8 in Dublin, Ireland.

Click on the below pages to find over 500 links to other great submarine sites and sources of submarine information.


.....Rumors, hot news, facts, & teasers


.....Links to other submariners home pages. Has one of your shipmates written a page?

Homeports, Bases & Yards.

.....Revisit those great places


.....Photo links to submarine pictures

Historical Logs.

.....Stories and links from the past, museum information and other historical information.

Submarine Books.

.....Books, reviews and book sources


.....Navy News and links to mostly official Navy sites.


.....Officer country

Veterans & Dependents.

.....Many veteran, dependent, associations and retiree places to visit.

Odds & Ends.

..... Everything else of interest such as links to the intelligence community, Seawolf controversy and more

Anchor Chain.

.....Links to links to links.

Divers and Submersibles.

.....Visit wreck sites, Human powered subs and other submersible craft

Weapons Systems.

.....Missiles and Torpedo pictures and links


..... Sparse but interesting reading


.....From Italy to Sweden comes a large collection of sites with foreign submarine information


.....Games, CD, Books and magazines

Contest Center. NEW 8/28

.....Occasional contests are put here. New contest 10-09-96 .You just might see your name on a WWW page. Jerome Maxwell of Tarpon Springs, Florida correctly identified the picture as the Cocos Island off the coast of Guam. You WestPac types should have gotten that.

Collectibles and Modeling

.....Models, Pins, Hats, Insignias and information on groups that build and collect

Reactor Compartment.

.....Everything nuclear

****VHS submarine video listing available. Check out the R&R subsection above***
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Navy ___ ND ___ *This game to be played in Dublin, Ireland 11-8.
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