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Acción Zapatista is an organization that gathers and redistributes information about the Zapatistas and the struggle for democracy in Mexico. We protest US support of the Mexican government, and support local struggles that challenge neo-liberal policies and institutions. Because events in different regions are related by the brutal logic of global capital, we invite your input in developing new strategies of organizing and an ongoing understanding of the interconnections between local and international struggles.

Acción Zapatista maintains a communications network designed to link local struggles. The AZ network allows individuals and organizations to collaborate with us via the internet in order to participate in debate, post important information, request relevant data, present opinions and insights and be informed of upcoming events or actions in the Austin area. Members may limit their involvement in Acción Zapatista to the net or may attend weekly meetings, work on projects, and participate in events. The communications network also facilitates the discussion and work carried out at the weekly meetings held every Tuesday evening. Contact us at the address and phone below for more information on meeting locations and topics.

Acción Zapatista also operates and maintains Chiapas95, a "list" which distributes news and debate about Chiapas culled from other lists on the internet, from conferences on PeaceNet and from other sites in cyberspace. It has been maintained and operated as a service of Accion Zapatista since early December 1994. Since it began, Chiapas95 has distributed over 2,000 postings to subscribers. The amount of information being generated in this period of crisis over the Mexican army assault on the Zapatistas and the continuing low intensity warfare against campesinos in Chiapas is substantial. Chiapas95 passes on information in both Spanish and English. The list is aimed at activists and scholars who are involved in mobilization around this issue and who need a steady flow of information about the struggles in Chiapas and others that are related, e.g., solidarity actions elsewhere in Mexico and around the world.

Information posted on this list includes:

  • the communiques of the EZLN, interviews with their spokespersons and news stories on their activities
  • material on the grassroots struggles of other groups in the pro-democracy movement in Chiapas and elsewhere in Mexico, e.g., on the CND, indigenous struggles, womens' struggles, campesino struggles
  • news stories and first-person reports on solidarity actions around the world
  • reports of humanitarian groups on human rights violations and the effects of the Mexican state's economic austerity and military terror campaigns on the people of Chiapas
  • material concerning the policies and actions of the Mexican state, the U.S. government and international state institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank
  • reports and analyses on the crisis of the Mexican economy and of neo-liberalism more generally
  • substantive discussions and debates about various aspects of these struggles

You may subscribe to Chiapas95 by sending a message to [email protected] with the line "subscribe chiapas95" in the body (leave subject line blank).

Acción Zapatista
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