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Secretary of Defense William Perry and Deputy Secretary John White would like to welcome you to DefenseLINK, the World-Wide Web Information Service from the Department of Defense.

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We invite you to visit the American Forces Information Service WWW site for information about the Department's internal news, visual information, entertainment, and educational services; and the American Forces Press Service WWW site to read news and view photographs of Department of Defense activities.

We also invite you to visit BosniaLINK, the official DoD information system about U.S. military activities in Operation Joint Endeavor. BosniaLINK now includes access to TALON, the newspaper serving the soldiers of Task Force Eagle, and to the Implementation Force (IFOR) fact sheets.

The Department of Defense is responsible for providing the military forces needed to deter war and protect the security of our country. The department's headquarters is at the Pentagon.

Under the President, who is also Commander in Chief, the Secretary of Defense exercises the authority, direction, and control over the department, which includes:


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DefenseLINK is provided through the cooperative efforts of the Office of The Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs), and the Defense Technical Information Center. This is a government computer system.