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M.A.X. is out!

Available now at all major software distributors, including Babbages Etc, Fry's, Best Buy, Comp USA, Egghead Software, Electronic Boutique & Computer City. If it's not at the store ask an employee to have the store manager reorder the product.

"One of the hottest strategy games of the year!" - Computer Player
"Taking gameplay to the MAX!" "A C&C Red Alert Killer" - Strategy Plus
"Command & Conquer with a PhD." - PC Zone

YOUR MISSION:colonize new worlds on distant planets. As the Mission Commander, you and the Mechanized Assault & Exploration (M.A.X.) Force you lead are the first ones in. Mining stations, power plants, tactical combat vehicle factories, habitats - it's up to you to plan and construct them.

The entire new colony? You create it. The resources you find there? Control them. Enemies? Crush 'em! And there will be enemies. You're not the only Mission Commander trying to colonize the planets. You'll have to push yourself to the limit to survive the ultimate showdown in strategic warfare.

It's espionage, heavy artillery, offensives, counter offensives, and intelligence - all with maximum consequences!

Check out the interview with Ali Atibeck in the Interplay RAG!

The 1.03 patch is now available!
English Version
French Version
German Version
Italian Version

Unzip this file to your current MAX directory using PKUNZIP.EXE.
Then type PATCH to update the game.

Available for your Windows '95 Plus Pack - The M.A.X. Theme!

To use:
1. Download the M.A.X. Theme (741k)
2. Place the file in your Plus! directory.
3. Unzip by typing "PKUNZIP.EXE -d"

This will create a MAX folder and put a MAX.THEME file in your Plus! directory.
Simply load up the Themes program and select MAX.

Customize your M.A.X. Theme! Download MAXEXTRA.ZIP. (7.6mb)
This file includes many more icons, backgrounds, and sounds. Enjoy!


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