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The National Aerospace Laboratory NLR is the central institute in the Netherlands for aerospace research. Its principal mission is to provide expert contributions to activities in aerospace and related fields. NLR independently renders services to government agencies, private companies and other organizations.

NLR is a customer-oriented research organization, mainly working under national and international contracts concerning aircraft development, aircraft operations, and space technology. NLR�s basic research programme is funded by the government of the Netherlands.

NLR employs a staff of about 900 in two establishments, one in Amsterdam and one in the Noordoostpolder. NLR operates several wind tunnels, two laboratory aircraft, two research flight simulators, an ATC research simulator, equipment for testing structures and materials, for the development of spacecraft components and for environmental testing, as well as a computer network that incorporates a supercomputer. A quality organization based on the ISO 9001/AQAP-110 standards has been implemented; accreditation and quality assurance certificates have been obtained.

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