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AMDA Aviation - Tampa, FL

Simulators, Simulation, Training Devices, Virtual Reality, Visual Systems, Databases, Aero Models, Sound Systems, Program Management, Hardware Fabrication, Installation and Support

Graphic file hereAMDA Aviation is an independant organization that represents a variety of companies who specialize in providing products and services. These products and services support the simulation, training, virtual reality, aerospace and defense industries. These companies are specialized and focused on their particular area of expertise. This diversity offers our customers a wide array of options in choosing how to implement their simulation solutions.

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AMDA Aviation

8705 Ashworth Drive Tampa, Fl 33647-2269

813-973-1128 OR 813-991-6275

Simulation Systems and Applications, Inc. SSAI

Flight and Weapon Part Task Training Systems, Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulation, Vehicle Dynamics Modeling, Software Development, Engineering Design, System Integration, Re-hosting/modernization and Network security.


SSAI team of experts specializes in providing system design, system engneering and system integration for simulation-based training systems and network security systems. We at SSAI pride ourselves in our affordable rates and ability to work flexibly with our clients. We tailor our services to match our clients needs.

Expertise Includes:

Training and Simulation Experience include:

Aircraft and Weapon Systems:

Avionics - Comercial and Military:


Jet Engines:


Weapons and Countermeasures:


Network Technologies

SSAI provides efficient problem solving for Security Systems and Network Technologies:

Simulation Systems and Applications, Inc. SSAI has a commitment to provide quality services covering the entire system development process. SSAI is positioned to provide quality problem solving. For further information contact AMDA Aviation today by e-mail at: [email protected] or by phone (813) 973-1128

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