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Welcome To My Virtual World!

James Biss, MBA

My Internet Background

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
      - Arthur C. Clarke.

I was first introduced to the World Wide Web in the Autumn of 1994.I was immediately captivated by both its technology and its commercialpotential. Within four weeks I had full Internet access and a web browser.Within eight weeks I had commissioned a firm called 9 to 5 Communicationsin Toronto to build my planned commercial site and had registered my own domain name "". Within twelve weeks I owned and operated the world's first on-line cyber store for conjuring, MagicalSecrets: The Incredible Virtual Magic Shop!

The Magic Business

Today, MAGICAL SECRETS has enthusiastic customers all over the world. In fact, it has become routine to ship magic tricks, videos and books to Norway, Hong Kong, Chile or Australia and of course, anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. All of my expectations for the commercial potential of this exciting new medium have been realized- and exceeded.

My Presentations

The success of MAGICAL SECRETS, led me to help other entrepreneurs create new ventures and services based on the Internet, and eventually to presenting seminars all across Canada, introducing men and women to the possibilities of on-line commerce. To date, I've addressed over 3,000 individuals!

The seminars include:

NetEventA: Getting Started On The Net!

A comprehensive introduction for novice business and private users alike.

NetEventB: Doing Great Business On The Internet!

Explore the business implications of the Internet revolution and itssecrets.

NetEventC: Creating & Maintaining Business Web Pages!

Discover the key elements of building and changing dynamic web sites- at little or no cost!

NetEventD: Experiencing The State Of The Net!

A power user�s presentation covering advanced Internet skills and features.

Here�s what people have said about the presentations...

"Loved it! Hope to be at your next one!" M.B., Montreal

"A very informative and well presented look at the Internet.I see new possibilities both from an educational and commercial point of view." D.I., Vancouver

"Thanks for the great seminars!" P.S., Toronto

"Business on the Internet was just what a technophobe like myself needed. You were great!" R.C., Vancouver

"What I liked best about the seminar was the knowledge and personalityof James. Thank you for opening my eyes. I know I will not be able to sleep tonight." P.R., Toronto

"Excellent speaker. Got me very excited about the opportunities on the Internet." J.G., Vancouver

"I was impressed by how many things you covered and the way you kept it interesting." K.H., Calgary

"Dad is much more comfortable in his surfing efforts and I came away with some new tricks to try! Thank you for an excellent presentation." D.J.W., Vancouver

Upcoming Presentation Schedule

Each of these NetEvents are scheduled to be offered on a monthly or bi-monthly basis through July, 1997 in the following cities:

Halifax, Moncton, Montreal, Scarborough, Mississauga,Burlington, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver and Surrey

Please call us at 1-888-248-0000 or E-Mail us for dates and further details

The Shape of Things to Come...

I invite you to explore this virtual world with me and enter into some fantastic places through the magic of the Internet.

James Biss, 5 Fairlin Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario, CanadaM9B 4J1, (416) 232-0491, [email protected]