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Is it Art?

Is it Humor?

Is it Scathing
Social Commentary?

Is it a Senseless
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What's New?
Nose Cam #8. Added 9/11/96

TANCMAS. Updated 9/11/96

Funky Ticket To Nose Land
Nose Cam #1. Vaseline helped, but it wasn't enough.

Nose Cam #2. Pink Elephants On Parade.

Nose Cam #3. I've had it up to here with these guys.

Nose Cam #4. They're always in the last place you look.

Nose Cam #5. Gee, your hair smells terrific.

Nose Cam #6. Cliffhanger.

Nose Cam #7. Normy Mnemonic.

Nose Cam #8. The giant takes a fall.

TANCMAS. The Amazing Nose Cam Mutual Admiration Society.

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