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Most have eternally fastened themselves to the machine's growing circuitry. They flaunt their protective
but imagined individuality to all who will gaze into their cloudy eyes, never loosing foot on the deceiver's path that
lay before them.

Others temporarily relinquish their ignorance of the other, to peer through the veil that is thinning exponentially through time.
But unfortunately without purity, they squander whatever little energy they may have stored up on borrowed glimpses.
The emanations of truth become numb and scattered as they filter through their self importance stained window. They wander
around like drunkards through their faded paradises & purgatories, and then hand over whatever they have actually seen to the
tiny ego that thinks it is immortal - but which would rather that they die than to have it's puny empire of self-reflection threatened.

Then there are the few left who have seen the clear light, and exist within it's teachings etched in nature by God's own hand.
This site is dedicated to them.

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