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Hocus Pocus


Welcome to the Hocus Pocus Palace, residence of The Great Mysto and his Internet Magic Tricks. Also, home to some other noteworthy things on the WWW, in the opinion of your host John Olsen.

MAGIC - magic tricks via the Internet - self working - amazing!
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Christmas Dreams - can the Great Mysto see into your Christmas dreams?
Fantasy Football - sports fans challenge the Great Mysto!
Flags of Mystery - the Great Mysto justifies his international fame!
Mentalism ala Simpsons - the Great Mysto visits your favorite animated TV series!
Pattern in Mind - your brain patterns are read by the Great Mysto!
Who's Who Zoo - the Great Mysto demonstrates his animal mysticism!

MAGIC RESOURCES - including some magical WWW sites

The Great Mysto's Magic Set - learn the Secrets of Magic from the great master!
Three Dimensional Stereogram Magic - view those strange 3D images
Magical Secrets - the Incredible Virtual Magic Shop on the WWW
A List of Magic Dealers - a world-wide list of phone numbers, mailing addresses
InfoVid Outlet - a WWW source of magic how-to videos for the budding magician
Dodd's Magical Linking Pages - very complete list of links to other magic sources

SIGHTS - QuickTime clips

Old Radio Premiums - see Captain Midnight decoders, One Man's Family books, etc.
Doc Savage on Radio - read the scripts of the 1934 radio shows.
QuickTime VR - no special glasses needed - for Macs, coming soon for Windows
Movie Trailers on the Net - the very latest QuickTime movie previews
Connectix QuickCam Site - if you have a QuickCam, this site is a must!
Space Movie Archive - tons of historical and sci-fi clips, including Star Trek

SOUNDS - audio clips available for download

Classic Radio Shows - for fans of old-time radio programs, news, audio clips, etc.
Yesterday USA - if you have RealAudio installed, hear historic radio broadcasts live.
more audio clips - check out this site for many more audio sites


Adventure Games - text adventure games for DOS machines (sorry Mac owners)
Utilities - if you need a movie viewer, sound player, etc. go to this site
Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh - the whole book available here! Recommended for any Mac user

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