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Welcome to the completely unauthorized, completely silly, and completely useless Monty Python web site! Questions you may be asking yourself if you stumbled on this page by accident are: what is my purpose in life, and who the hell is Monty Python? Well, I may not have the answer to your first question, but I can answer the second one.

Monty Python's Flying Circus was the totally meaningless name coined for the innovative English comedy troupe comprised of John Cleese, Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, and the late Graham Chapman. Embraced by the critics and public alike, the team enriched airwaves with their distinctive brand of irreverent and often surreal sketch comedy and satire on BBC-1 from 1969 through 1973 and on BBC-2, without Cleese, for the last few months of 1974. The show offered savage broadsides against the pomposity and repression of the British establishment, outlandish spoofs of European history, knowing satires of leading intellectual and cultural figures, and lots of men in dresses.

Did anyone catch yesterdays Saturday Night Live (1/11/96)? If you had you would have seen two familiar faces. Michael Palin appeared in a "cameo" role as a man attempting to secretly purchase "weed" from a doctor, who informed him that it was now a legal medicine in the state of California. And near the end of the show, we again saw Palin, along with John Cleese, doing the famous "Parrot Sketch" live for American audiences. You could hear that there were few people who even knew who these guys were, let alone that they were doing a sketch from a TV show long ago. But it received some good laughs, and was fun to watch (even though I had seen the sketch dozens of times before)! So if you hear that the S.N.L. with Kevin Spacey is going to be on again, be sure to set your VCRs!

Yes that's right! The cast from "A Fish Called Wanda" reunites to bring you the new comedy "Fierce Creatures." While I could spout fountians of information about the movie, why don't you go to the offical web site at:

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Fierce Creatures

-Adam Fogg ([email protected])
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