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"the thing with this music is, it's like punk rock. It's political, it changes people's lives. it changed my life" "the police are really on top now. they're not gonna stand for it at all" "i don't diss what other people do. they wanna dress up, they wanna go somewhere nice that they feel appreciated at. if they come to our parties they definitely won't. cos their nice new shoes they bought will get scuffed, their nice new shirt will get beer down it..." "it'll challenge anything you've ever thought about, cos once you get into it, it'll change your life"



The free party scene is alive and kicking in London, a hidden world where there are no stars, no rules, no dress codes and very little money. It's fuelled by the sweeping sound of machine-mantra techno. And it's as underground as it gets.


AND then, of course, there's the music. Few other musical forms have proved so anti-authoritarian as techno. Few musical forms have had a law drawn up against them, virtually outlawing the playing of "repetitive beats" in anywhere but the most strictly licensed of venues. Because of its unruly connotations, because it is championed by perceived destructive anarchic elements, the powers that be will have no truck with techno.
Techno trance is the backbone of the free and pay parties, the blood coursing through their veins. Constantly shifting and mutating, the trance being played is a whirlwind of build-ups and breakdowns, of acid licks and rolling drums, a relentless, surging invitation to dance.
Whereas six months ago the sound could have been characterised by labels like Harthouse and No Respect, these days the imprints getting exposure are Stay Up Forever, Choci's, Boscaland, Important and X-Trax. Records like The Dentist's 'Destiny', Sinus Iridium's 'Sentinel', Never's 'Hell Bent', Mars Black's 'Tribal Warfare'. Unstoppable trance monsters that, when sequenced together at a party, provide the ultimate, perfect escape from reality.
A large majority of these tracks are coming from British producers and artists, people like D.D.R., who engineers practically everything on Stay Up Forever and Choci's; Choci himself, working from the studio behind his shop; Baby Doc and The Dentist; the three Liberators; Transform 21; Manchester's Pump Panel... the list goes on. A lengthy rolecall of dedicated, massively talented music makers.


1. Sinus Iridium 'Sentinel' (Stay Up Forever)
2. The Dentist 'Destiny' (Boscaland)
3. Pump Panel 'Remember' (FFRR)
4. Toja 'I Won't Stop' (Phuture Wax)
5. Edge 'Edge 16' (Edge)
6. Genecom 'Siliconed' (Planet Rhythm)
7. Neher 'Hell Bent' (Important)
8. L.A.T. 'Break It Down' (Choci's)
9. Baby Doc & The Dentist 'In Worship Of False Idols' (Tec)
10. Tesox 'Funky Bassline' (Plastic City)