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Brother can you see those birds?
They don't look to heaven,
They don't need religion, they can see.
They go down to the water,
Drink down on the water,
Fly up off the water, leave it be.
This is not my time, sister,
It is cold in heaven,
And no one's coming after me.

from R.E.M.'s Undertow

Last update: September 10, 1996

R.E.M. News

New R.E.M. Album "New Adventures in Hi-Fi" is Released!

Click on the picture to the left for the latest news on R.E.M.'s new album, released in the United States on September 10. Also featured is a story on the recently-published 2nd edition of Marcus Gray's "It Crawled From The South," as well as news on R.E.M.'s 80 million $$$ deal with Warner Bros., the upcoming "Road Movie" video, R.E.M.'s recording of "Sponge" from Sweet Relief II, lawyer Jefferson Holt's split with the band, and many other R.E.M. happenings from the past nine months.

The Complete R.E.M. Lyrics Archive

Click on Michael Stipe's handwritten lyrics to the left for my Complete R.E.M. Lyrics Archive page, which allows you to retrieve R.E.M. song lyrics on a song-by-song basis (lyrics displayed here are from the ever-evolving "fables" collection, originally compiled by members of the former "Murmur" mailing list).

The lyrics archive now includes lyrics
and the following images for all songs from
New Adventures in Hi-Fi

courtesy Warner Bros. Records

R.E.M. at Richmond, 10/10/95

Click on the picture to the left for a contact sheet of Justin Polanin's photos of R.E.M. in Richmond, Virginia, 10/10/95. These photos will at some point be available on this page as larger individual images...

R.E.M. Articles Archive

To have the R.E.M. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions List) or other files/articles mailed to you, fill in your e-mail address below, select the article from the scroll box then click on the Submit button.

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Who is Brian Hall?

If you enjoy R.E.M.'s music, especially the style represented on albums like Fables, Life's Rich Pageant and Automatic For The People, and if you enjoy vocalists like Adam Duritz of Counting Crows, then you will undoubtedly find the music of Brian Hall appealing.

The URL for Brian's page, which features high-quality audio clips from eight of his original songs, is:

Take this opportunity to catch a rising star - visit Brian's page today!

Brian's page was updated on Sept. 7 with
several additional sound clips

And now, back to R.E.M....

A Few R.E.M. Images

R.E.M.-Related Links

(Note: The R.E.M. Home Page at is now generally considered defunct, although it is still online. Please refer above and to sites listed below for current R.E.M. information)

USENET Newsgroup is an unmoderated USENET newsgroup which was created on March 28, 1994. This newsgroup effectively serves as a replacement for the former "Murmur" mailing list (listserv), created in February of 1990 by M.I.T. student Valerie Ohm.

The Official R.E.M. Fan Club

The band's official fan club, managed by members of the R.E.M./Athens Ltd. office staff, is not yet online, but hopes to be soon. In the meantime, you can join the fan club and receive the band's newsletter and yearly Christmas bonus package (including a special, commercially-unavailable 45 RPM single) by sending $10 (if you're in North America, $12 if you are elsewhere) to:

R.E.M. Fan Club
P.O. Box 8032
Athens, GA 30603





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