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Immersed in Technology

Art and Virtual Environments

edited by Mary Anne Moser with Douglas MacLeod

"Virtual Reality, like many technologies in their infancy, was not developed with a singular purpose in mind, and still lacks a fixed raison d'etre. Seizing the moment, the writers and artists in this book have taken a rare initiative by proposing a host of creative forms and ideas for the multifunctional use of virtual environments."
-- Andrew Ross, Director, American Studies Program, and Professor of Comparative Literature, New York University

The Banff Centre for the Arts has become synonymous for what's hot in the electronic arts, a place where professional artists come to produce new work and develop new skills. This book brings together critical essays along with artists' projects to explore the many issues raised by the creation of virtual environments and to provide a glimpse into worlds that have been much discussed but rarely seen.

The book opens with eleven essays that approach the social and cultural implications of cyberspace from the perspective of cultural studies, communications, art history, art criticism, English, and women's studies. These are followed by nine virtual environments (along with statements of what the artists are trying to accomplish in both theoretical and technical terms), created over a three-year period as part of the Art and Virtual Environments Project at the Banff Centre. Together, writers and artists examine the consequences in cyberspace for race and identity, materiality and the body, landscape and narrative. Specific implications of the masculinist and rationalist biases of cyberspace are also discussed.

Preface: Douglas MacLeod. Introduction: Mary Anne Moser. Essays: N. Katherine Hayles. Cameron Bailey. Nell Tenhaaf. Frances Dyson. Allucquère Rosanne Stone. Avital Ronell. Rob Milthorp. Jeanne Randolph. Loretta Todd. Margaret Morse. Erkki Huhtamo. Artworks: Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun. Michael Scroggins and Steven Dickson. Marcos Novak. Michael Naimark. Brenda Laurel and Rachel Strickland. Perry Hoberman. Ron Kuivila. Diane Gromala and Yacov Sharir. Toni Dove and Michael Mackenzie. Will Bauer and Steven Gibson.

A Leonardo Book
November 1995
ISBN 0-262-13314-8
336 pp., 64 illus., 18 color

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