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This page is a tribute to the best soccer player of all-time: Diego Armando Maradona.
In this web site I focus on his extraordinary career, particularly on his years in Naples, Italy (1984-1991), when he led the S.S.C.Napoli to win twice the Italian Championship, once the Coppa Italia, the UEFA Cup and the Supercoppa Italiana.
Since I am from Naples, I think on the net there must be a tribute to Diego, the man who will always be remembered in the hearts of the Neapolitans.

Maradona in Naples (1984-1991)

  • Who is Diego Armando Maradona?
  • Diego with S.S.C.Napoli
  • Pictures of Maradona in Naples
  • Stats about every season of Diego in Naples
  • What Diego means for Naples
  • A brief history of S.S.C.Napoli
  • Download some songs dedicated to Diego from Neapolitan supporters!
  • Videos (.mov) of his best goals
  • A concise summmary of Maradona's life
  • Maradona on the web
  • Your comments
  • Maradona with Argentina

  • Pictures of Diego with Argentina

  • España 1982
  • Mexico 1986
  • Italia 1990
  • U.S.A. 1994
  • Every goal scored by Diego with Argentina!
  • The soccer team I love: S.S.C.Napoli
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    This page was designed by Mario Giaquinto
    Visit my Unofficial Napoli page with lots of info about my city!
    Special thanks to my cousin Roberto Improta and to Paolo Parente for their help for these pages in Spanish

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    OJE VITA, OJE VITA MIA... Maybe you are wondering what this song is... well, it is a Neapolitan song called " 'O surdato 'nnammurato" (the soldier in love) and it is sung at the stadium...
    The chorus "Oje vita, oje vita mia, oje core 'e chistu core, si' stata 'o primm' ammore, 'o primmo e ll'ultimo sarraje pe' me" is world-famous! (oh life, oh my life, oh heart of this heart, you have been my first love, the first and the last you 'll be for me...) was sung at the stadium when Diego played for Napoli (actually, we still sing it today when our team wins!).