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The Pie Mafia

        Take one pretty face, and....                                  ...SPLAT!!!
Do the images above titillate your tee-tee?  Does the sight of an attractive female getting plastered with a cream pie cause your undershorts to suddenly become too small?

    Well, bucko, you are NOT alone! 
    In The Pie Mafia, we share experiences and fantasies, trade videos and stills, review recent TV and movie scenes and speculate on upcoming ones, and enjoy humor, satire, cartoons, photos, and graphics, all through the monthly vehicle of our newsletter The Magnum Report.

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    Interested?  Astounded?  Flabbergasted?  Then I suggest you learn all the gory details by sending three first-class stamps to the address below:

Hurley Coward
P.O. Box 770674
Orlando FL 32877-0674

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That's's over...please exit quietly
through the rear doors...souvenirs available
in the lobby...move along, now...move along...