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This page is dedicated to those wonderful looking women in jeans, whether their jeans are dry or not. One of the sections worships the lovely looking women- jeans-butt. Every month we will show you the "butt-of-the-month". To do so, we need pictures from you. We hope you will enjoy this site and return often. For the survival of this site, we need contributions (pictures and new ideas) from you. Please e-mail if you need to scan your pictures of women in jeans (for free!).


At last a big update. All sections have been updated with new pictures and collections. The messy jeans section will arrive in a couple of weeks.
Regarding the Miss Jeans 1997 contest; rules and guidelines will be added in a day or so. We have only got a few participants so far. You know what to do! Please let us know if you are thinking of participating or have any questions regarding the issue (as well as any other issue). Enjoy the new collections... ;)

Miss Jeans 1997..a great idea!?

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