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Weekly Message

We just received 8 of the 1997 new models.  Although these are not the new castings, these are just re-colors.  One interesting note is that these have all new wheels on them.  In fact I prefer the newer wheels than the older.  Check out MDM and see which models we received. Also the boxes have changed, the new boxes have the same look as the blister card with the logo and get in the fast lane car logo.  VERY COOL!!, I like these boxes better.  The only one so far is the #50 Chevy Blazer.  

Our collection of convoys has been increasing in the last two weeks.  We purchased many UK Convoys still in the window boxes.  These do make a noce additon to the collection.  

We are still working on our Regular Wheel collection, however we are now getting into the harder to find models.  In the past several months, this portion of our collection has been really slow.  I am sure this will pick up as the year goes by and more toy shows come to the Chicago area.

There is a new model coming from Australia, it is called a Falcon Commadore, I do not know and specifics on this, once I do I will pass the information on.

We received another FJ Holden Van from Australia, this is for "Bevics", an auto repair shop.  The van is light blue with tampo printing, very nice piece.

Once again the Challenge Page is growing with some new additions and certainly updates.  There are several people listed that have most of the current ones out,  I have had several compliments on this page.  I would like to thank all of you for your nice comments.  I am happy to hear that this page is helping you out find Challenge Cars.

Be sure to stop at the Challenge Page to puruse the trades available and to see what other collectors have received to date.  Happy Hunting Everyone........


Updated 01/18/97

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