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Panthera tigris. Largest of the 36 species of cats, tigers are easily recognizable with their orange or yellow coats, black stripes, and white undersides. Up until the 1950s there were eight subspecies, today there are only five.

And they're disappearing at an alarming rate.

This site is about tigers, both in captivity and in the wild. It's also about the people who serve to protect them, including wildlife conservationists and captive tiger trainers, caretakers, and handlers.

Below is a map of Tiger Town. Its links will take you to the Shootin' Safari where you can view a gallery of Tiger pictures, Safe Keeping where you can learn about the preservation of Tigers, Cub Watch where you can watch as Tiger Cubs grow up, our Post Office where you can send us mail and use the Links page to expand your Tiger horizons. Enjoy!

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