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Welcome to Niels van Iperen's Rock Shots

Welcome to Niels van Iperen's Rock Shots

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Niels van Iperen's Rock Shots is an interactive gallery featuring over two thousand photographs of Rock musicians. From Nirvana to The Rolling Stones, from The Eagles to Pearl Jam, and from Oasis to Metallica, they're all in there-- and more! Browse through Niels' award-winning photos, search for your favorite artists, or sit back and let our auto pilot function do all the work.

Scan the Rock Shots Portfolio for a taste of Niels' work. The audience shots capture the raw energy of the crowd at festivals such as Woodstock '94 and Lollapalooza. The portraits and band photos offer a personal glimpse of selected artists, while the live shots take you right to the center of the action.

Rock Shots is updated monthly, so keep checking back for new photos.

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