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"Why did they build these colossals, the Cathedrals?
It was to deposit, in safety, they believed the imperceptible egg,
that seed which requires so much care;
Taste, that atom of pure blood which the centuries have transmitted to us,
and which, in our turn, we should transmit."

The Cathedrals of France

If one is so inclined, it can be a fulfilling adventure taking up a quest to become familiar with a particular cathedral. While an uneventful journey may ensue for one seeking instant enlightenment, a dedicated study bears the potential to ennoble one's spirit. Vigilant seekers will discover that residing within these storehouses of cultural potency is the power to transform our lives.


"The West Facade"
Rheims, France

However, the path of approach to such power is overgrown and cluttered with debris from centuries of neglect and misuse. And yet, as with all spiritual mysteries, it is the responsibility of each succeeding generation to seek out the ancient wisdom anew.

There can be no misunderstanding, standing before one of the great Gothic Cathedrals, these structures were intended to be visually explored and appreciated.

Rose Window

"Rose of the West"
Notre Dame, Paris

But, where does one begin to look? Wherever you turn there are new images vying for the eye's attention. It is, as if, there was a clear intent to leave no single space vacant or absent of ornament! And, what images! A hierarchy of Medieval spiritual beliefs, singing in a language whose dialect eludes us, even at the frontier of our memory.


"The Secret of Atlas"
Saint Patrick's, New York

The fairest stance then, is to set out with your own particular methods of observation and assimilation. Combine these skills with what knowledge has been left behind by earlier cultural explorers, then let one of these sublime structures take you from there.

That the grand Gothic Cathedrals of the Medieval period were a manifestation of brilliant architectural skill, is self evident. But, what is often lost to us today due to the distraction of the fantastic, is the gesture of intent so gracefully incorporated into these works of stone and glass.

Angel Through Tree

"Vision of Angels"
Chartres, France

For the most part, we find ourselves drawn to the strangeness of such buildings. They stand out in sharp contrast, often, to the structures of later ages. It escapes us, sadly, that these masterworks of spirit were not constructed solely for the benefit of medieval searchers. They were, more so, intended to preserve vast stores of spiritual knowledge, down through the centuries. A feat they have been quite successful in, considering the turmoil of the past six hundred years. A lasting credit of their creators!

We are justified then, to accept, that these glorious wonders of stone and glass were intended for our benefit, and others, yet to follow.

It is in fact unfair to group, as we do, all such cathedrals as solely "Gothic." Styles vary, in every case. Each structure is uniquely individual in manner and symbolic content, as well as the expression of technical craft and ingenuity.

Gothic Woodcut

This last quality, is equally as significant to the Gothic story as the spiritual values. Within the great cathedrals resides an architectural and engineering arcana, which continues to serve as a well of knowledge and inspiration to contemporary designers and builders.

Canterbury Interior

"The Great Choir"
Cantebury, England

There are many exploratory turns to follow in this immersive adventure of the Gothic expression. Our intention, at this stage, is simply to establish a base from which one may set out on a Gothic journey. Most roads are good roads, if our intent is fair, and our hearts are open to the new and not yet known.

We begin then, with these features:

We offer only one suggestion: Take your time! Not only here, but in your physical journeys to these cathedrals, should you choose to expand your explorations. Let that which emanates from Amiens, Cologne, Salisbury, Milan and each Grand Gothic attune with its reflection residing within your own spirit.

Sit within . . . be still . . . breathe deep . . . feel . . . give it time.

Gothic Dream

"A Gothic Dream"

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Pathway of Gothic Exploration!

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