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The Castles of Wales

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Native Welsh castles Dolwyddelan and Dolbadarn, both in Gwynedd, north Wales

elcome! Croeso! My name is Jeff Thomas and I'm pleased to be your humble host as you explore some of the world's great historic treasures - the medieval castles of Wales. Wales is often called the "Land of Castles," and rightly so, as it is home to some of the world's most outstanding examples of medieval castle-building. During the past few years I've visited and explored many of Wales' famous and little-known castles, from mighty Chepstow in southeast Wales to picturesque Beaumaris on the Isle of Anglesey and charming Ewloe in the north.

he Castles of Wales offers much more than a few photographs Wales' most famous castles - the ones popular with tourists. Most importantly, this site provides information on over 170 different Welsh castles accompanied by many good quality photographs, all helping to explain the story behind The Castles of Wales. You'll have the opportunity to learn about different types of Welsh castles and the persons responsible for their construction. We also have a section on Welsh Abbeys and other religious sites, important monuments in their own right.
nformation found here comes from a variety of sources, and is accessed via the main menu below and from other links within text. Each menu selection leads to a variety of topics, and all of the pages here have links back to the main page menu and the castle index, so you're never far from home! We believe that if you take the time to explore the many menu selections available you'll be pleased with both the variety and depth of information provided. In other words, we hope you take the time to explore beyond the links provided from the main page. Special thanks go out to Lise Hull of Castles Unlimited as contributing editor, for providing insightful articles on a variety of topics, including our Castle of the Month section.
elsh castles survive today in a variety of conditions, ranging from completely ruinous to castles that serve as stately homes, and most are a sheer joy to experience and explore. Many are currently under the care of CADW: Heritage in Wales, an organization dedicated to preserving the many historic monuments found throughout the land. So come on then and have some fun, as we travel back in time to rediscover some of the architectural treasures of the Middle Ages - The medieval castles of Wales!
"Beware of Wales, Christ Jesus must us keep,
That it make not our child's child to weep,
Nor us also, if so it go this way,
By unwariness; since that many a day,
Men have been afraid of there rebellion"

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Beaumaris, Caerphilly, Carreg Cennen, Chepstow, Conwy, Ewloe, Harlech, Raglan

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