Welcome to a Christmas Toy Trek! This year, we've added Apple's QuickTime VR, so you can get a better view of what's happening as our friends, Tillie, Dusty and Barbie, make their way to Mapleton!

Say "hi" to Sam the Snowman!

Visit the North Pole in Apple's QuickTime VR! - Instructions

Look at some pictures of the North Pole.

Peek inside the Toy Workshop.

Examine Santa's Sleigh.

Start the adventure in Santa's Home!

Check the Credits.

Listen to the lead-in AIFF Soundtrack (1.9 meg) or AU Soundtrack (675k).

Listen to the entire first half of Toy Trek in AIFF (6.3 meg) or AU (4.6 Meg).

Nov 30, 1995 - [email protected]