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What Ye Sew, So Shall Ye Leap! Parachutes for any skydiving occasion

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"We design and manufacture Aerodynamic Decelerators for Sport and Military"

At Precision Aerodynamics we have been making skydiving and parachute products for over 15 years, for people who jump from altitudes as low as 300 ft and as high as 30,000 feet, with deployment speeds ranging from as low as 35 kts to over 200 kts. Some people use our parachutes for fun, some for profit, and some only in a life-threatening emergency.

Our product line consists of over 30 different models of parachutes which are used by skydivers and aircraft pilots alike. As skydivers, we tolerate the airplane ride in order to get to a safe jump altitude, and as pilots, we tolerate wearing the parachute but we hope we never have to do what those other guys just did!

Real Life Saving Storiesare sent to us every week from people whose lives have been saved by our products.

The "PsychoPack" is here

Read about the First parachute jump ever made

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