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Welcome to Black Dog Studios!

Designer Embroidered Apparel and More

Custom embroidered clothing and accessories are a
unique and beautiful way to promote your business, club,
or organization. The color and texture of an embroidered
design endows quality and value to even the simplest
items of apparel. Our textile arts are masterful renditions
of even the most complex designs.

Our designer products are the result of a unique combination
under one roof of both artistic development and production
services. Using Macintosh-based layout programs and rendering
software, we convert logos and designs into full color embroidery.
Our software then directly controls high speed, multiple needle
sewing machines to place your design onto cloth, ensuring the
most consistent production runs in the world.

Our designer products are the hottest and most popular apparel
items for clubs, private affairs, off-beat social groups, and even
large specialty events where quality counts. Our shirt selections
run from the finest linens to heavy cotton twill, with a wide range
available to meet any application desired.

The great demand for our shirts and hats isn't simply because of the
flexibility afforded our customers through our unique computerized
processes, it is also because of our ability to assist you in designing
your logo and selecting the best color combinations for shirts, thread
and stitch size. Our grasp of the unique issues of quality computer
design and embroidery is unparalleled in the marketplace.

Check out our latest and hottest designs!

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