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Online Games!

Where in the World?

Here's your chance to win GREAT PRIZES every week! Play Where in the World and have a shot at a Color TV!

Jeopardy Pro

It's the classic game, Jeopardy, in an all-new internet version! Choose from over 15 different boards, and see if you can score get the high score. Jeopardy Pro also features a live chat room where you can talk with other players.

The MYST Trivia Challenge!

Think you know MYST? Here's your chance to find out in this 50-question trivia challenge! Answer the questions and find out your score. Good luck!


WorldVillage brings you the web's coolest virtual maze, MANIC MAZE! Navigate your way from start to finish and you can Win computer games and other cool stuff! Are you up to the challenge? Come get lost with us.

Name That Song!

Listen to our five music soundbites and have a chance to win great software prizes! A new game starts every Friday. Think you know music? Come by and Name That Song!

Mozart's Musical Dice

Compose an original Mozart Minuet through this unique dice game. You can download it and play it on your own PC!

Web Jotto

An original word game. Can you guess the secret word the computer has selected? Good luck!


Ghost is a two-player word game you can play on the web. There is a messaging board to schedule games, and maybe someone waiting for you to play right now!


Remember the game connect-the-dots? Here's a chance to try your skill against the computer in this web version of the classic game

SANCTUARY - A Sneak Preview!

Coming Spring of '97 to WorldVillage, SANCTUARY, an interactive graphic adventure game that will transport you to unseen worlds! Check out the preview here.

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