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Q:What do little spooks call their parents?
A:Mummy and Deady.

 Garfield Online

 Fat Cat Bulletin Board Weigh in on your favorite topics, leave messages for your fellow fans, submit a recipe, send an electronic postcard, and giggle to the "Riddle of the Day."

Heard the latest? Garfield's the greatest! Check out what's happenin' with everyone's favorite fat cat! Peruse a map of Garfield's TV, newspaper and live appearances, or enter a look-alike contest.  Big Fat Hairy News

 Comics Corner Laugh it up with Garfield's cavalcade of comic strips! Plus, you'll find character profiles of Garfield and friends, as well as cool coloring book pages.

It's play time! Come on in for tons of fun, feline style, with a Garfield lasagna game, a trivia quiz, and super screen savers.  Garfield Game Room

 Paws: The House that Garfield Built Stroll through Garfield's stupendous studio and see where the magic is made! Plus, get super top-secret inside information, and meet Jim Davis, the man behind the cat. (Bonus! Includes never-before-seen top ten lists!)

Let the fur fly! Check your brain at the door and make the scene with Garfield, the original party animal. Send birthday wishes, read Garfield's 18th birthday interview and riotous top ten lists, and even pick up some party tips for your next big bash!  Party Central

 Strange but Weird Odie moonlighting as a chia pet? Garfield with Swiss Army claws? Absurd is the word for this zany look at little-known "facts" about everyone's favorite fat cat. But be warned -- they're bizarre! They're peculiar! They're...STRANGE BUT WEIRD!

If you can't get enough of the fat cat, click here and go directly to an online marketplace where you can cybershop-till-you-drop!  Stuff

 The missing link image Hey, fat cat fans! After you sample Garfield's wonderful Web site, check out these links to other awesome pages. While Garfield's favorite "links" are still sausage, these cool sites from some of the fat cat's friends are loaded with tons of great stuff -- so grab your (key)board and start surfin'!

Before you begin your journey through the Garfield Web site, please read your Personal Invitation from Bob (Boy, will you be surprised!)

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