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Winona has provided a 'guest voice' for the animated comedy show Dr. Katz (episode #301) on the U.S. cable channel Comedy Central. The episode airs on the 6th and 9th of October 1996.

Looking For Richard release schedule:
  • 7 October, NY Premiere
  • 11 October, NY Release
  • 1 November, Wide Release
The Crucible release schedule:
  • 20 November, LA Premiere
  • 27 November, LA and NY Release

Boys is tentatively scheduled for a 13 November 1996 US video (26 November for laserdisc) release.

  • All release dates are subject to change, but this is where they stand currently.
  • The rumors circulating about Winona Ryder's possible participation in either a movie called All Night Long or the future Star Wars Trilogy are just that, RUMORS. They have no foundation in fact at this time.


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    Winona Laura Horowitz
    October 29, 1971 in Winona, Minnesota.
  • Golden Globe nominations for her supporting roles in both Mermaids and The Age of Innocence (winning the latter),
  • Academy Award nominations for Age of Innocence (supporting actress), and Little Women (actress),
  • Winona Ryder was also the reader for the album The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank) which received a Grammy Award nomination.


    Here is a filmography of Winona Ryder's career. All past movies were, at one time, available on videocassette (rental or sales); here is information on the LASERDISC availability of her movies.

    1. Lucas (1986)
    2. Square Dance (1987)
    3. Beetlejuice (1988)
    4. 1969 (1988)
    5. Heathers (1989)
    6. Great Balls of Fire! (1989)
    7. Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael (1990)
    8. Edward Scissorhands (7 December 1990)
    9. Mermaids (14 December 1990)
    10. Night on Earth (1991)
    11. Bram Stoker's Dracula (13 November 1992)
    12. The Age of Innocence (17 September 1993)
    13. Reality Bites (18 February 1994)
    14. The House of the Spirits (1 April 1994)
    15. Little Women (25 December 1994)
    16. How To Make an American Quilt (6 October 1995)
    17. Looking for Richard (25 January 1996, Sundance Festival; 1 November, wide release)
    18. Boys (10 May 1996)
    19. The Crucible (27 November 1996)
    20. Alien: Resurrection (Summer 1997?)

    Miscellaneous appearances include the television documentary Georgia Okeeffe-Portrait Of An Artist, guest-voicing on one episode of The Simpsons (11 September 1994 -- Episode #105, Lisa's Rival), and a few music videos -- Soul Asylum's Without A Trace, Cher's Shoop Song (see below), Mojo Nixon's Debbie Gisbon Is Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Child, Roy Orbison's I Drove All Night, and various 'movie clip' videos. Winona Ryder also directed a music video for Victoria Williams (I'm tracking down the name of the song).


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    Magazine Articles

    1. Sassy, Oct 1988
    2. Seventeen, Oct 1988 -- by Edwin Miller
    3. American Film, Jan/Feb 1989
    4. Vanity Fair, Apr 1989
    5. Interview, May 1989
    6. Time, 1 May 1989 -- by H. Chua-Eoan
    7. Rolling Stone, May 18 1989 -- by David Handelman
    8. Life, Jun 1989
    9. Premiere, Jun 1989 -- by Phoebe Hoban
    10. Vogue, Jun 1989 -- by Stephanie Mansfield
    11. Marquee, Jun 1989 -- by Nancy Mills
    12. Empire (UK), Jun/Jul 1989
    13. Newsweek, Jul 10 1989 -- by David Ansen
    14. Cosmopoliton, Aug 1989 -- by Susan Korones
    15. 'Teen, Aug 1989
    16. The Face, Nov 1989 -- by Steven Daly
    17. Interview, Nov 1989 -- by Timothy Leary
    18. Sky Magazine (UK), Nov 1989 -- by Phoebe Hoban
    19. Empire (UK), Dec 1989 -- by Henri Behar
    20. Spy, Dec 1989
    21. Esquire, Apr 1990 -- by Paul Attanasio
    22. Harper's Bazaar, Sep 1990 -- by Kristine McKenna
    23. Elle, Nov 1990 -- Christa Worthington
    24. Premiere, Nov 1990 -- by Christopher Connelly
    25. Interview, Dec 1990 -- by Jeff Giles
    26. Seventeen, Dec 1990 -- by Claire Connors
    27. Vogue, Dec 1990 -- by Julia Reed
    28. Harper's Bazaar, Jan 1991 -- by Valerie Monroe
    29. Sky Magazine (UK), Apr 1991 -- by Michael Kaplan
    30. Stern (German), 25 Apr 1991 -- by Jochen Siemens
    31. Film Monthly, May 1991 -- by Edward Murphy
    32. Rolling Stone, May 16 1991 -- by David Wild
    33. Premiere (French), Jun 1991 -- by Aurelien Ferenczi
    34. The Face (UK), Jul 1991
    35. Select, Jul 1991 -- by Lucy O'Brien
    36. Blitz (UK), Jul 1991 -- by Jonathan Bernstein
    37. Cahiers du Cinema (French), Jul/Aug 1991 -- by Vincent Ostria
    38. Esquire, Nov 1992 -- by Michael Hirschorn
    39. Vogue, Nov 1992 -- by Dario Scardapane
    40. Premiere, Dec 1992 -- by Rachel Abramowitz
    41. Sky International (UK), Jan 1993 -- by Edwin J Bernard
    42. Prevue, Feb 1993
    43. Empire (UK), Mar 1993 -- by Chris Heath & others
    44. Quake, Fall 1993
    45. Premiere, Oct 1993 -- by Daphne Merkin
    46. Vogue, Oct 1993 -- by David Handelman
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    49. British Vogue, Feb 1994 -- by Phoebe Hoban
    50. Entertainment Weekly, Feb 11 1994 -- by Dana Kennedy
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    52. Rolling Stone, Mar 10 1994 -- by Jeff Giles
    53. New Woman, Apr 1994 -- by Lisa Liebman
    54. Studio (French), Apr 1994
    55. Architectural Digest, May 1994 -- by Pilar Viladas
    56. Current Biography, Jun 1994
    57. Empire (UK), Jul 1994 -- by Jonathan Bernstein
    58. The Face (UK), Jul 1994
    59. Premiere (UK), Jul 1994 -- by Jeff Giles (reprint of Rolling Stone 10 Mar 1994)
    60. Harper's Bazaar, Dec 1994 -- by Polly Frost
    61. Ladies' Home Journal, Dec 1994 -- by Meredith Berkman
    62. Life, Dec 1994 -- by Jenny Allen
    63. Premiere, Jan 1995 -- by Larissa MacFarquhar
    64. Time, Jan 9 1995 -- by Richard Corliss
    65. Premiere (French), Mar 1995 -- Jean Paul Chaillet
    66. Empire, Mar 1995 -- by Jeff Dawson
    67. Entertainment Weekly, Mar 1995, Special Academy Award Issue
    68. Who Weekly (Australia), Apr 10 1995
    69. Cinema (German), May 1995 -- by Bert Brüllmann
    70. Movieline, September 1995 -- by Courtney Lee
    71. Entertainment Weekly, Aug 23-30 1996, Fall Movie Preview Guide
    72. Movieline, September 1996 -- by Diane Clehane

    Newspaper Articles

    These are mainly profiles of Winona Ryder... not reviews of her movies.

    1. Los Angeles Times, May 23 1989 -- by Patrick Goldstein
    2. Los Angeles Times, May 28 1989 -- by Kim Masters
    3. New York Times, Dec 9 1990 -- by Aljean Harmetz
    4. Chicago Tribune, Dec 9 1990 -- by Michael Kaplan
    5. Los Angeles Times, Dec 9 1990 -- by Elaine Dutka
    6. Boston Globe, Dec 20 1990
    7. Dallas Morning News, Nov 7 1992
    8. Baltimore Sun, Sep 17 1993
    9. San Francisco Examiner, Oct 8 1993
    10. San Francisco Examiner, Mar 6 1994 -- by Joan Smith
    11. USA Today, Dec 21 1994 -- by Karen Thomas
    12. The Guardian - Weekend (UK), Mar 3 1995 -- by Joan Goodman


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    The Polly Klaas Foundation

    The Polly Klaas Foundation is, of course, an organization close to Winona Ryder's heart. It is a foundation dedicated to the search for missing children. National attention (and particularly, Ms. Ryder's attention) was given to the case of Polly Klaas, a young girl from Petaluma, CA; the incident led to the founding of this organization.


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