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Welcome to the
- G. I. Jones -
Photographic Archive of
Southeastern Nigerian
Art and Culture

This is an archive of digitized photographs depicting the arts and cultures of southeastern Nigeria. The collection includes examples from Ibibio, Igbo, Ijo and Ogoni speaking peoples. All of the photographs were taken in the 1930s by the late G.I. Jones, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge. The majority of the images are from the Igbo speaking regions where Jones conducted most of his research. The materials included here represent only a sample of the complete Jones collection. The photographs are unique for the creative brilliance of the art represented, the quality of the photography itself, and the cultural and historical significance of photographic records from this time period in Nigeria.

This site is intended to serve as a research resource. It was designed to make these important photographs available to people who have a personal or professional interest in the art, history and ethnography of Southeastern Nigeria. Anyone seeking additional information on the arts of this region may want to consult our select bibliography and list of related links by clicking HERE.

This archive was produced by John C. McCall with the cooperation of Ursula Jones. It was created as part of a project funded by grants from The English Speaking Union and Southern Illinois University. Production facilities were generously provided by the African Studies Centre, University of Cambridge. Comments and inquiries should be sent to John C. McCall at [email protected]

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© All rights reserved. Copyright to the materials presented here belong to the G. I. Jones estate. Reproduction for publication or public display is prohibited without the prior written permission of the copyright holder. Anyone wishing to obtain rights to use any of these images in a publication or museum exhibit should direct inquiries to Casey Synge at [email protected] , Administrator, African Studies Centre, University of Cambridge.

Indexes to the Photographs

Index to Ibibio, Ijo and Ogoni

Index to Ika Igbo (Western Igbo)

Index to Nsukka and Nri/Awka Igbo

Index to Ikwerri Igbo

Index to Abiriba Igbo

Index to Nkporo Igbo

Index to Ohafia/Abam Igbo

Index to Riverine Igbo (Ekpafia, Abua, Ekpeya)

Index to various Igbo groups: Ngusu Ada, Isu Ikwu Ato, Alayi, Item

Index to Ekpe Masquerades

Index to Igbo music, shrines, architecture and other cultural artifacts

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