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RAMS stands for Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Supportability.

Whew. Now you see why we abbreviate it all the time.

HQ ACC/DRMR is responsible for determining reliability and maintainability (R&M) requirements for all Air Combat Command (ACC) maintained weapon systems. We review mission need statements, operational requirements documents, and other program documents for adequate R&M coverage. We develop RAMS Rationale Reports for select programs. Our objective is to ensure weapon system acquisitions and modifications to current systems will be sustainable in combat, supportable in peacetime, and meet operational capability requirements. In addition DRMR supports Mission Area Planning by providing technology expertise and operational R&M analysis. We are ACC's manager for PRAM, RAMTIP and other technology insertion programs, as well as, the weapon system modification process. As the commands focal point for CAF warranty policy, DRMR serves as final reviewing authority for all weapon systems warranties and clauses. Finally, DRMR plans, coordinates, and schedules R&M training courses .

Our office is functionally aligned into two sections:

RAMS Analysis Section

The RAMS Analysis Section is responsible for ensuring that the R&M requirements stated in CAF acquisition documents support the operational requirements of the warfighter. They are the section responsible for developing the RAMS Rationale Reports for selected systems. They also review all requirements documents and perform R&M analysis and studies as needed.

Technology Insertion Section

The Technology Insertion section is responsible for ensuring that ACC weapon systems benefit from the advancing technologies . They look for opportunities to improve supportability of new and existing systems through the integration of emerging technologies.

Other R&M sources:

RAC's Reliability Related Internet Resources.

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