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Some Models
Folded by Tom Hull

This is Chris Palmer's flower tower, folded by Tom Hull. I made my third one about a month ago, with four levels. It looks amazing in 3D! (57K)
This is Toshikazu Kawasaki's open-back square twist tesselation grid, as seen in his paper, "Crystallographic Flat Origamis". Folded by Tom Hull out of glassine paper. (50K)
This is Jeremy Shafer's infamous flasher action model, as folded by Chris Palmer. Diagrams can be found in the Spring 1995 BARF (Bay Area Rapid Folders) Newsletter or in ORU number 9 (Summer 1995). You might even be able to figure it out from this picture! (66K)
This is Tom Hull's hexagonal zig-zag tower. No diagrams yet. You'll have to learn it from Tom himself! (35K)
These models are Montroll's camel from Origami Sculptures and Maekawa's wolf from Viva! Origami folded by me! (19K)
This is one of Chris Palmer's octagonal flower designs, folded from glassine by Tom Hull. (44K)

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