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Soon on this web, the new Benetton's Formula One...

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before the Australian Grand Prix launches the 1997 season


Preparations for the 1997 Formula One season are already underway.
Come behind the scenes to see the new engine, read an interview of Jacques Villeneuve and hear the latest talk in the pits.

RENAULT Five-times world champion
5th World Championship title in a row for the Renault engine.
Come behind the scenes to read the chat with Damon Hill (Williams-Renault), World Champion Driver.
8th constructors' crown for Williams-Renault and Benetton-Renault, the 1995 World champion team, finishes third on top ranking...
A surprise for the New Year : the photo album of 96's season.
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"The only driving force behind victory in Formula 1 is innovation !"

Renault will this season supply its V10 engine, already five-times World Champion in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996, to the Williams-Renault and Benetton-Renault teams.

Because Formula One is above all a matter of enthusiasm and sensation, Renault is never content to rest on its laurels, but continues to set itself new challenges in its desire to remain at the top of the sport. In 1997, Renault will once again be battling for the World Title, aiming at the specific target of 100 Grand Prix wins. To date, Renault has recorded 86 victories in Grand Prix competition.

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