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All American pest roaches--like most American humans--were immigrants.

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Test your knowledge of cockroaches with our "Cockroach World" quiz. In activities learn how to catch and keep cockroaches. See the sights and sounds of "Cockroach World" in the multimedia library.

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What's the biggest cockroach you've ever seen? Tell your own Tall Cockroach Tale in the "Cockroach World" forum.

[Ask Betty]
Meet Betty the Bug Lady, your "Cockroach World" host. Ask Betty about cockroaches and other yucky bug stuff!
[Fact File]
Need yucky tidbits for party chat? Check out roach facts. Learn a new term in the "Cockroach World" glossary and search the Yuckiest Site on the Internet with Rodney Roach.

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Kids' Soccer

Just for Kicks is the home page for New Jersey Youth soccer. Get tips from some of the most respected names in the sport: Olympians Greg Berhalther and Saskia Weber, both New Jersey Natives.


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