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Canadian Deer Code (Final draft 22 July 96)
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy - New Web Site
Wood Bison Recovery-Hook Lake Project

DeerNet's Services

DeerWeb: This site
DeerMail: Internet discussion group

World's Ungulates

Perissodactlya Artiodactyla Proboscidea
Univ Edinburgh Taxonomic Hierarchy

Species Profiles

White-tailed deerWhite-tailed deerKey deerNebraska Wildlife (several ungulates) Deer in Shangri-La

Journals and Societies on the Web

Alces (Moose ecology and management)
Cervus (Secure area under construction)
Rangifer (Reindeer and other arctic ungulates)
Ecological Applications
Conservation Biology
Wildlife Society

Research Programs and Networks

Beaver Hills Ecological Research Network
Rangeland Conservation Program (University of Alberta)
Livestock Diversification Network.
Wildlife and Resource Development - L. Morgantini
Wildlife and Community Development
Wood Bison Recovery Program

Research Facilities/Centers

University of Alberta

Texas A & M University

Center for Bison Studies (Montanta State University-Bozeman)
Tall Timbers Research Station (Florida State University)
National Wildlife Health Center
Institute of Arctic Biology, Fairbanks, AK
Institute for Whitetailed Deer Management & Research

Research Methods

GISTelemetry, InventoryModeling


Wildlife productivity & management
Grazing systems dynamics
Wildlife production and restoration


Allendorf's bibliography of genetic variation.
The Ecology WWW Page
Biologists Guide to the Internet
Conservation bibliography gopher
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